Dress up your doggo in this range of Pokémon outfits

If there was ever a way to have Pokémon in real life, many people would surely jump at the chance, however until that happens, this might be the closest we could see. Dasom, a Korean retailer has announced a new range of officially licensed Pokémon accessories… for your dog. 

There are items that cover basics, like a mat for your dog to lay down on, or a plush Pokeball for them to play with, or the most adorable a Pikachu themed raincoat. If you want something a little more coverage, there are a range of sleeveless options, as well as a few hoodies, yes, Pokémon-themed dog hoodies.

The part of the range that covers the most Pokémon are the neckties, or bandanas, as they not only have the usual line up of Pikachu, Eevee and crew, but also Gengar, Ditto and Slowpoke. 

For those that seek function over style, there is also a range of harnesses that look to fit most dogs, whereas the rest seems to skew to the smaller breeds. The products themselves are priced quite nicely as well, starting around $15 and max out at $40, which considering they are licensed is a really good deal.

There is only one downside to these items, they currently don’t ship them outside of South Korea, which means unless you or a friend are going there, you might be out of luck. For now, though, you can still enjoy the many pictures of these good boys wearing some nice things.

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