Dragon Quest XI scores a slimed New 2DS XL in Japan

by Luke HendersonApril 28, 2017

Nintendo are keeping the hardware announcements coming, not content with announcing the new look 2DS, Nintendo Japan has announced a third version of the New 2DS XL, the Slime Edition. The only downside right now is that the unit is limited to Japan, which is not surprising as we have no formal release date for Dragon Quest XI outside of Japan.

The hardware itself contains the same insides as the other New 2DS machines, but the outside has gotten another new look, from the images above, you will notice that there is a slime on the top of the unit, but its not just there, its actually raised metal. The metal itself is from a Metal Slime that has melted onto the unit and even has a very reflective quality.

The rest of the unit is in a mat black look, but peppered with some of the most iconic Dragon Quest imagery. The top and bottom of the unit both sport this look, so it will look nice, no matter the angle you are using. The unit is actually developed for the release of Dragon Quest XI, so the games logo is also imprinted onto the hardware.


Inside, the unit has a singular slim printed on the bottom left corner, so you can always know you are using a Dragon Quest themed New 2DS XL.

No word on if we will get it outside of Japan, but one can hope.

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