Donkey Kong Country (GBA) Review

Welcome to wonderful world of Donkey Kong Country brought to you buy the stupid idiots at Rare and no doubt the not happy MS. Well your probably wondering how does one of rares games end on the GBA when MS the enemies own em. Well DK is Nintendo property so MS can go back to Halo and there other crap games. Now I got that off my chest I better talk to you about the game… Donkey Kong Country is SNES version of the same game, however Nintendo didn’t just rest at there laurels they decided to take what Rare had already done and improve it and make it just that little bit better and worth a new purchase.

The Story is the same old same old, K Rool and his Fools (Hehe Fools) have stolen
DK’s Banana hoard and if that wasn’t enough it was while Diddy was watching
too, what a fool, DK need to get one of those giant “Lasers” make
sure no one gets in.

Now you’ve probably already heard me go on and on about its all got the SNES
graphics and the GBA can really do its thing, but this time I’m not well not
much any way. You see the graphics aren’t the same sure they look the same but
they lack that polish and non-pixel ness of the edges that the SNES had but
its still worry me that the GBA is more powerful both in the Graphics and Processing
Chip part…. So what’s wrong? Why cant the GBA do the same type of graphics?
I don’t know why but it doesn’t change the game that much.

All the Sound effects you know and love are back, the music is also faithfully
recreated, however since the limited speaker size the music doesn’t have the
same oomph it had back in 94, but the headphones rectify this. Also I don’t
know if its just me but the voice’s just sound a bit cookoo, and some of the
animal noise sound funny too.

The tunes are however the best bit of the game, who could forget the DK theme
from the first level or when then complete a level? Not Me and its good to see
it back.

What can I say? The SNES quality you come to expect is there and the hole level
design is functions well and there is no way you cant just pick up this game
and play, The Animals in the game provide a little bit difference in the game
and make it just that little bit better. Also for the GBA version there has
been 4 new additions to the main game, one being a stupid mini game with Funky
Kong which you have to fish for various fishes also there Candy Dance Studio
which is a simple Bust a Move game and provides only small sidetrack to the
game, also there is a section were you race against the clock to see how fast
you can get through each level. And the final newish thing is a scrapbook were
you collect these little camera all around the levels and a picture comes into
the scrapbook of the character you got it from.

The difficulty is like any other platformers start off easy then it gets harder
and then it gets easier because your so good at it. The only I quibble I have
is that you have to press Start to go to the next character which takes your
finger of the buttons and you may die then but other then that its pretty moderate

In concusion this re-packege is very good however there is tons more games
coming out that you may want other then this Advance Wars 2, Mario Advance 4,
Golden Sun 2, and you may not want this over that, howver if you think you want
it and dont wanna wait for another game, then go and buy it!

Graphics 8.0

Gameplay 9.0

Sound 8.0

Tilt 7.0

Value 9.0

Rating 4/5

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