Disney Infinity: Toy Story in Space Playset (Wii U) Review

When Disney Infinity was first announced Toy Story was one of the big properties on my ‚Äėoh my god I hope that do that‚Äô list. It makes total sense, Toy Story figures that come to life just like in the movie but in a game. It‚Äôs the closest thing to a real Buzz Lightyear right now, one day with technology who knows.

The Disney Infinity Toy Story in Space Play Set is a new add-on for Disney Infinity which brings a whole new adventure to the game as well as some content to the Toy Box. If you’re unsure about Disney Infinity overall you should read our review of that first.


Being Toy Story in Space, new missions take place mostly in space and are mostly centred around Buzz Lightyear and his adventures with Star Command. You’ll have to unlock and build your own command centre, help the local inhabitents and then take on Zurg in a combat simulator.

This makes for a more interesting adventure than say, just Buzz and Jesse in Andy’s room since you’re actually using the toys in their own world. Perhaps that’s why you only get Jesse with the pack and not Woody, but probably not. Everyone is going to want Woody right?

The story of the play set though comes with life not through Buzz, nor Jesse or even Woody if you do have him but instead Rex and Hamm who are voiced by their original voice actors Wallace Shawn and John Ratzenberger bringing authenticity to the entire thing. The little ‘the claw’ aliens are here as well and you’ll be saving them from the inhospitable nature of the planet the play set is set on.


While all of the Disney Infinity play sets are funny, the Toy Story in Space so far is the funniest thus far. It makes trecking around doing otherwise mean menial tasks not quite plain as they could be. The game world available is huge and you’ll want to explore it as well to build your own Star Command Headquarters. As you explore as well there’s tons of items to unlock include a Jetpack that lets you move Buzz around as god intended, through the majestsy and speediness of flight. The campaign certainly wouldn’t be as good without the Jetpack, walking around sucks.

The jetpack and rocket packs also transfer over to the Toy Box along with a ton of other Toy Story items. That means even if you’re not Buzz you can slap a rocket on and move around your own Toy Boxes and others without walking. The green and purple goo guns also change the Toy Box a lot as well, they allow you to instantly grow and shrink characters and objects. This is something you can do already but shooting each other to do this is much more fun.


The Disney Infinity engine really shines here with this playset, the landscape of planet and everything in it is immense. The actual physical figures included in the play set are top notch again – Disney Infinity figures always seem to be. This play set works on all versions of the Disney Infinity game, though we tested it out on the Wii U version. The Nintendo 3DS version adds a new Goo Valley Gameboard and a new Arena Battle mini game.

Toy Story in Space is one of the better campaigns out of the currently available Play Sets, but it is missing a lot of the characters from Toy Story. For as much I love Buzz, Woody and Jesse and even with Rex and Hamm with their original voices it is missing Mr Potato Head, the green army guys and everyone’s favourite Wheezy. Then again, this is Toy Story in Space and perhaps they’ll be suited better for a western themed one. The main story brings about 5 hours more fun for not too much more money and if you plan to locate all the hidden capsules to get unlock everything you could be looking at double that.


If you’re looking to enhance your Disney Infinity experience then this is the play set to have, the addition of the Jetpacks is nearly worth it alone. The funny story and characters though are the best part of this playset. It’s the first non-contemporary Disney playset that’s become available and it makes us excited for the prospect of Disney Infinity visiting even more earlier Disney worlds.

Rating: 4/5

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  • AdamfromOz
    December 16, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    A great review, and I love how you’ve picked up on the sense of humour in this game – it is really pretty funny.

    Can I request a Lone Ranger playlet review next – the Lone Ranger riding an elephant anyone??

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