Cancelled Mega Man FPS Reboot Emerges From The Shadows


If you’ve ever wondered what a Mega Man game would look like played out as a first person shooter, then wonder no more.

Capcom was working on a Mega Man first person shooter which was going by the codename Maverick Hunter. The game was a gritty reboot of the series and even had the blessing of Keiji Inafune himself. The game was being developed by some of the talent behind Metroid Prime at Armature Studios. Prime’s influence is apparent in the gameplay videos which have emerged.

The game would have been based on the Mega Man X mythology which in itself was darker and more mature than vanilla Mega Man. The series’ signature arm cannon and dashing abilities would have been transplanted into the first person shooter world as would have the platforming elements.

The game was playable at one point but cancelled alongside the other Mega Man games Capcom had in the works. Polygon have the exclusive with more videos and information about the game. We’ve included one below.

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  • Ganmaku
    April 10, 2013 at 4:43 pm

    I honestly think that if executed right this game could have been brilliant. And if anyone could do it it was those ex Metroid Prime devs.

    Have Capcom ever come out and said why they now hate Megaman? Is it because Infune said “fuck you guys, I’m out”? Surely its still a bankable IP.

    • OzHuski
      April 13, 2013 at 3:39 pm

      I think your right, I think if done well a FPS Megaman game would work great. That being said, the work in progress being shown here is far and beyond away what Retro has done with Metroid.

      Im aware its still early in development, but Retro working in close Nintendo in such a close fashion produced an amazing series of games. Prime just doesn’t seem to have the same quality about it. Nor does the art style match either Megaman’s or X’s appearance, and personally I don’t find it very suiting either.

      I think overall this cancellation was probably a good idea.

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