Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain coming to Switch on December 3rd

Nintendo’s dusting off another DS and Wii era franchise with Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain coming to the Switch on December 3rd.

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain is a brain busting multiplayer game that Nintendo says anyone can play. Every player can pick their own difficulty and there’s of course solo modes so you can brush your brain up by yourself.

The core gameplay in¬†Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain¬†consists of a number of different brain-teasing activities. They are made up of five categories ‚Äď Identify, Memorize, Analyze, Compute and Visualize. There is a wide assortment of fun activities that will challenge your brain in different ways. These activities can be played solo, with up to three other players locally* or even against brains from all over the world using other players‚Äô data downloaded from the internet.

In Party Mode, up to four players can go ‚Äúbrain vs. brain‚ÄĚ to earn the highest points by quickly completing activities. By adjusting the difficulty from easiest (Sprout Class) to hardest (Super Elite Class), the activities will change ‚Äď with the most difficult setting serving up quite the challenge! And each player can set their own level of difficulty to balance the playing field, so kids can even compete against their parents without fear of one of them falling behind!

For those without anyone locally to play against you’ll be able to download ghost data from other friends and family and even randoms.

The game is out on December 3rd, and should be budget priced – we’ll be able to confirm the Aussie pricing early in the morning.

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