The best games to get when you only have an eShop Gift Card

Long time readers of Vooks will know that we like to provide our thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics. We have reviews happening all the time, we also do bargain guides so you can save money on up and coming games, but we also share deals on our Twitter, for those that are instant hot and should be looked at asap.

We also like to offer up guides, from our detailed and still very helpful Switch MEGA buyer’s guide to the the collection of the Best Free-to-Start games on Switch and heck, sometimes we like to shake our magic 8-ball and see what we can predict. The trend to all of these, is that we want to help you get the most out of your Switch, regardless if you have had your console since launch day, or just about to pick one up.

With the Nintendo eShop Gift Cards, you can provide someone with a pre-set amount of money, to spend on anything they would like and they occasionally get discounts, like 10 or 15% off. In Australia the cards come in denominations of $15, $30 and $60, so we scoured the eShop and came up with a collection of games, that you can get for each card.

There is nothing stopping you from getting or giving a $30 card and picking up two games from the first group, and we won’t judge if you do. What this list is for however is that if you do get a gift card, these are the games that are priced at or below the card amounts, regardless of sale status, that you can get and we think you will enjoy.

One final note, these games prices are the most you will pay, but each week new games are added to the sales page of the eShop, some may only get a 10% discount, some could get more than 50%. Be sure to keep an eye on our weekly sales roundup, so you can get the best possible price, because sometimes waiting a week, could save you a good amount of coin.

A Short Hike

Players: 1 | Size: 433mb | eShop: Link

Among Us

Players: 1-15 | Size: 635mb | eShop: Link


Players: 1 | Size: 1.9gb | eShop: Link


Players: 1-4 | Size: 663mb | eShop: Link


Players: 1-4 | Size: 665mb | eShop: Link


Players: 1 | Size: 8.8gb | eShop: Link

Dungeons of Dreadrock

Players: 1 | Size: 401mb | Review: LinkeShop: Link


Players: 1 | Size: 224mb | eShop: Link


Players: 1 | Size: 3.6gb | Review: Link | eShop: Link


Players: 1-8 | Size: 1.5gb | Review: Link | eShop: Link

Steamworld Dig

Players: 1 | Size: 130mb | eShop: Link


Players: 1-4 | Size: 4gb | Review: Link | eShop: Link

Wonder Boy Returns Remix

Players: 1 | Size: 766mb | Review: Link | eShop: Link

Android Assault Cactus

Players: 1-4 | Size: 1.4gb | Review: LinkeShop: Link

Blossom Tales II: The Minotaur Prince

Players: 1 | Size: 324mb | eShop: Link

Castlevania Advance Collection

Players: 1 | Size: 673mb | eShop: Link


Players: 1 | Size: 1.5gb | Review: Link | eShop: Link


Players: 1-2 | Size: 3.5gb | Review: Link | eShop: Link

Hollow Knight

Players: 1 | Size: 5.2gb | Review: Link | eShop: Link


Players: 1 | Size: 1.4gb | eShop: Link

Into the Breach

Players: 1 | Size: 667mb | eShop: Link

Minecraft Dungeons

Players: 1-4 | Size: 7.2gb | eShop: Link

Piczle Lines DX Bundle

Players: 1 | Size: 414mb | Review: LinkeShop: Link

Portal: Companion Collection

Players: 1-2 | Size: 10gb | Review: Link | eShop: Link

Snipperclips ‚Äď Cut it out, together!

Players: 1-4 | Size: 1.4gb | Review: Link | eShop: Link

Sonic Mania

Players: 1-2 | Size: 390mb | Review: LinkeShop: Link

Squidgies Takeover

Players: 1 | Size: 1gb | Review: LinkeShop: Link

STAR WARS: The Force Unleashed

Players: 1-2 | Size: 3.3gb | Review: Link | eShop: Link

Stardew Valley

Players: 1-4 | Size: 1.4gb | Review: Link | eShop: Link

Thimbleweed Park

Players: 1 | Size: 1.3gb | Review: Link | eShop: Link

Use Your Words

Players: 3-6 | Size: 1.6gb | eShop: Link


Players: 1 | Size: 1gb | Review: Link | eShop: Link

Untitled Goose Game

Players: 1-2 | Size: 1.1gb | Review: Link | eShop: Link

Wayward Strand

Players: 1 | Size: 4.7gb | Review: Link | eShop: Link

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Players: 1-8 | Size: 3.9gb | Review: Link | eShop: Link

Cult of the Lamb

Players: 1 | Size: 850mb | Review: Link | eShop: Link

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition

Players: 1 | Size: 13.9gb | Review: LinkeShop: Link

GRID Autosport

Players: 1-8 | Size: 6.5gb | Review: LinkeShop: Link


Players: 1 | Size: 5.7gb | Review: Link | eShop: Link

Jackbox Party Pack 3

Players: 1-8 | Size: 1.5gb | Review: LinkeShop: Link

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Players: 1-2 | Size: 2.9gb | Review: Link | eShop: Link

Moving Out

Players: 1-4 | Size: 1gb | Review: LinkeShop: Link


Players: 1 | Size: 1gb | eShop: Link

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Players: 1 | Size: 2.2gb | Review: LinkeShop: Link


Players: 1-2 | Size: 4gb | eShop: Link

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection

Players: 1-4 | Size: 2.9gb | eShop: Link

Two Point Campus

Players: 1 | Size: 2.3gb | eShop: Link

Unravel Two

Players: 1-2 | Size: 2.7gb | Review: Link | eShop: Link

So there you have it, a wide selection of games in each gift shop price bracket, that cover a lot of genres. The list could be infinitely longer of course, but we opted to choose the games that made the biggest impression on us, for whatever reason.

Are there games that you would have added to the list, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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