Bargain Roundup: New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Updated)

New Super Mario Bros. 2 launches next Saturday (18th) and so far it’s not looking good for a wide range of prices – but for prices they’re at are pretty cheap. Now, New Super Mario Bros. 2 also has the prestigious honor of being the first Nintendo game to be available digitally from Nintendo and while we don’t know its price yet, it’s safe to assume it’ll be near $70.

This makes choosing what version to buy really difficult, or really easy.

Do you go for the cheap prices at JB and Dick Smith, get a box, manual and a card or do you buy it digitally and have that convenience of having a full game wherever you go? It all depends on what you prefer: for a game like Mario that might not have unlimited replay, having the digital copy might not be the best option but for something like Animal Crossing or Mario Kart, it could be amazing.

Anyway lets get to it, here’s the bargains. What little there are.


Big W

New Super Mario Bros 2.
Standalone, price ends August 22nd – $54.00 – More Info

EB Games

New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Gold Coin Edition)
Comes with a gold coin game case.  Р$68.00 РMore Info

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Game Guide
$33.00 (or $26.40 when purchased with the game, in-store) – More Info


New Super Mario Bros. 2 Bundle
Comes with a copy of the Official Nintendo Magazine, A Mario Cap and the Game ($69.95) – More Info

JB Hi-Fi

New Super Mario Bros. 2
Standalone  Р$59.00 РMore Info

Dick Smith

New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Online Only)
Only available online – $49.95

New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Pickup in Store)
Only available in-store – $52.95

There also several game + remote control car bundles. Mario themed naturally. More Info


New Super Mario Bros. 2
Standalone РSale Ends August 22nd Р$55  РMore Info


Nintendo has priced New Super Mario Bros.2 at $69.95 on the Australian eShop. Which obviously is more than anything else listed here.

However if you change your store to the German one the price becomes ‚ā¨44.99 which converted to Australian dollars is $52. Cheaper price then anything listed above. Now we haven’t tested this (it’s not out obviously) and we don’t know if the game will be in German if you buy it or if you even can buy it. But it’s something to think about.


If you know of any more specials or see anymore deals let us know. Hopefully the big department stores will have some prices before next Saturday!

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