Bargain Alert: Get all the classic Doom titles on Switch eShop for under $10

If you’ve been holding off on the classic Doom games on the Switch, now is the time to take a plunge into hell. All three of the classic Doom titles are a nice discount of 69% off until March 3rd.

That’s Doom and Doom II for a mere $2.27 and Doom 3 for $4.49. The first three Doom games for under $10? Bargain.

If you were worried about the ports or had heard bad things in the past – they have now patched out almost all the issues. Not only that the first two games have a bunch of extra campaigns including Sigil, TNT Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment.

The amazing 2016 Doom title is also on sale as well, but only 50% off. Which is still nice.

✚ Doom (Bethesda) – $2.27 (Normally $7.45, price ends 2/3)
Doom II (Bethesda) – $2.27 (Normally $7.45, price ends 2/3)
Doom 3 (Bethesda) – $4.49 (Normally $9.00, price ends 2/3)
✚ Doom (2016) (Bethesda) – $39.95 (Normally $79.95, price ends 2/3)

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  • Silly G
    February 26, 2020 at 2:54 pm

    I’m still down for a physical release with DOOM I, II, 3, 64, and at the very least, the Final DOOM and Sigil add-ons on a single cartridge. And they can make that four copies if they patch in wireless local multiplayer as well.

    And isn’t DOOM 3 normally $15? (though I’m not aware if they have since permanently dropped the price to $9).

    I was keen on waiting for a physical release rather than downloading DOOM 3, as cheap as it is, but for $4.50, I don’t think I can resist any longer.

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