Australian Nintendo Release Dates

Below is a release date list of all games coming to the Nintendo Switch and the 3DS in Australia. The New Zealand release dates should be the same but may change in some instances. If you’re a publisher and we’re missing your game let us know. If your eShop game has a date and is coming to Australia, do the same too, please.

Note: Games with unconfirmed dates from publishers will be put on the last day of the month until confirmed. Games will only be added when a date is confirmed if that date is a month with no date given it’ll go on the last day of the month. Same for a quarter or even year.

We do our best to keep this calendar up to date but things move around really quick, so there may be errors.


21sepalldaySwitch: Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna the Golden Country(All Day: friday)

25sepalldaySwitch: Valkyria Chronicles 4(All Day: tuesday)

28sepalldaySwitch: FIFA 19(All Day: friday)

28sepalldaySwitch: Dragonball FighterZ(All Day: friday)

28sepalldaySwitch/Wii U/Wii: Just Dance 2019(All Day: friday)

28sepalldaySwitch: Namco Museum Arcade PAC(All Day: friday)

28sepalldaySwitch: Moonlighter(All Day: friday)

28sepalldaySwitch: Labyrinth of Refrain - Coven of Dusk(All Day: friday)


05octalldaySwitch: Super Mario Party(All Day: friday)

12octalldaySwitch: The World Ends with You: Final Remix(All Day: friday)

16octalldaySwitch: Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starter Kit(All Day: tuesday)

17octalldaySwitch: LEGO DC Super Villians(All Day: wednesday)

18octalldaySwitch: Disgaea 1: Complete(All Day: thursday)

19octalldaySwitch: Dark Souls Remastered(All Day: friday)

26octalldaySwitch: My Hero One's Justice(All Day: friday)


02novalldaySwitch: Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum 'n' Fun!(All Day: friday)

06novalldaySwitch: Carnival Games(All Day: tuesday)

16novalldaySwitch: Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee(All Day: friday)

16novalldaySwitch: Pokeball Plus(All Day: friday)


07decalldaySwitch: Super Smash Bros Ultimate.(All Day: friday)

31decalldaySwitch: Team Sonic Racing(All Day: monday)