Aussie Wii Sports Resort Midnight Launch Report

Nintendo held its Midnight Launch for Wii Sports Resort last night, we were there to snap some pictures

Nintendo Australia linked with EB Games last night for the launch of Wii Sports Resort, the sequel to the best-selling Wii game on the market.

You could tell how big the fanbase for the Wii Sports series of games is before even walking into the store. The line started at the counter and ended up a few stores down in Swanston Street, Melbourne. It stayed like that for most of the night.

Upstairs, athletes from all over Melbourne were challenging each other to a variety of sports in the area dubbed "The Nintendo Experience." Swordplay. Archery. Air Sports. Wakeboarding. Basketball.

In fact, Nintendo and EB Games started off a three-week competition last night with Basketball. The premise was for everyone to record their best score and then join it with two more scores in the coming weeks. The biggest cumulative score overall will win a prize pack from Nintendo. So if you weren’t there on the night, make sure to visit "The Nintendo Experience" in the coming weeks for your chance to win.

There was also prizes awarded for best-dressed athlete. The winners of the first prize, who scored themselves a Wii, were three friends with an ingenious canoe costume (that they walked around in for most of the night). Kudos to them and all the other creative athletes.

Oh, and the best bit? EB Games were selling Wii Sports Resort with two Motion Plus attachments and a Double Remote Battery Charger for just $79.95. Unbeatable value.

Now excuse me, I’m off to get in a few games of Frisbee.

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