Aussie Nintendo Download Updates (4/12 to 10/12) – Super Ultra eShop Update Turbo Edition

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Welcome to the new look eShop update! We wanted to offer a bit more info for the weekly eShop updates. The Switch is getting so many new games with each update, that it’s harder to keep track of everything out there. So we’re letting you know how big these games are (seeing as storage space is becoming an issue!), how many players the games support, and the release date, seeing as games release outside of the Thursday nights now.

We’ll be updating these through the week with new additions, including sales and pre-orders. If you have any suggestions, be sure to let us know!

New Releases

WWE 2K18 (2K)
Out Now!
Size: 32 GB minimum required + 1 GB on System Memory
1 – 4 Players (Local) 2 – 6 Players (Online)
Price: $99.95
Featuring cover Superstar Seth Rollins, WWE 2K18 promises to bring you closer to the ring than ever before with hard-hitting action, stunning graphics, drama, excitement, new game modes, additional match types, deep creation capabilities and everything you’ve come to love from WWE 2K. 

WWE 2K18 Digital Deluxe Edition (2K)
Out Now!
Size: 32 GB minimum required + 1 GB on System Memory
1 – 4 Players (Local) 2 – 6 Players (Online)
Price: $145.20
Includes base game and Season Pass (see Downloadable Content for more info on Season Pass), MyPlayer Kick Start, Accelerator, two playable versions of Kurt Angle, Cena (Nuff) content, and more.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild + Expansion Pass
Out Now!
Size: TBD
1 Player
Price: $119.95
This bundle contains The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and its Expansion Pass, which includes paid downloadable content for the game.
DLC Pack 1: The Master Trials
DLC Pack 2: The Champions Ballad


Nine Parchments (FrozenbyteTrailer
Out Now!
Size: 2.1 GB
1 – 4 Players (Local, Online, Local Wireless)
Price: $30.00
A group of runaway wizard apprentices decide to skip their training to search for the lost Nine Parchments – a powerful collection of spells. As the wannabe wizards rapidly discover powerful new magic and ignore all safety aspects, it’s natural that their hasty progress results in lots of deadly accidents…

Caveman Warriors (JanduSoft) Trailer
Out Now!
Size: 383 MB
1 – 4 Players (Local)
Price: $14.62 until 28/12, then $19.50
Jump back in time and free your inner caveman. Play solo or team up with up to four players.
Different playable characters: choose one of the playable characters, but don’t worry! You can change your character at anytime in the game and play with them all!

The Sexy Brutale (TEQUILAWORKS)
Out Now!
Size: 2.2 GB
1 Player
Price: $30.00
The Sexy Brutale, a never-ending masked ball featuring intrigue, murder and the quite possibly occult. Relive the same mysterious and murderous masked ball as the story unfolds in real-time. You must find answers to every enigma and end the loop, to save all guests’ lives as well as your own.

Human: Fall Flat (Curve DigitalTrailer
Out Now!
Size: 1.2 GB
1 – 2 Players (Local)
Price: $22.50
The world of Human: Fall Flat features advanced physics and innovative controls that cater for a wide range of challenges. Bob’s dreams of falling are riddled with puzzles to solve and distractions to experiment with for hilarious results.


Vostok Inc. (Wired ProductionsTrailer
Out Now!
Size: 264 MB
1 Player
Price: $19.99
Do you love money? You’re the newly appointed CEO of Vostok Inc. As a greedy, space-capitalist your ultimate goal is to make as much as you can.


GUNBIRD for Nintendo Switch (Zerodiv)
Out Now!
Size: 76 MB
1 – 2 Players
Price: $9.99
In the 19th century Europe, five GUNBIRDS are challenging. They keep each wish to themselves and collect “A magic mirror of Atra”/ Finally, whose wish will be granted with the power of mirror? It depend on your playing skill…


Slain: Back From Hell (Digerati)
Release date: 8/12
Size: 315 MB
1 Player
Price: $30.00
You control the fate of Bathoryn, a doomed hero in a Gothic world, who seeks to liberate six cursed realms from six deadly overlords. He must battle his way through this blighted land, packed with gruesome and lethal creatures before ascending (or sometimes descending) into a stronghold, all the while defeating fiendish traps and vile monsters alike.

Dimension Drive (2Awesome StudioTrailer
Out Now!
Size: 420 MB
1 – 2 Players (Local)
Price: $19.99
Dimension Drive is a space shooter that challenges your skills in entirely new ways. Play two games at once in this dual-battlefield madness set in a comic book universe!
Dimension Drive is a dual-battlefield space shooter with a teleportation mechanic. It seamlessly combines shooting and puzzle mechanics.

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive (MAGES.) Trailer
Out Now!
Size: 1.6 GB
1 – 4 Players (Local)
Price: $12.00
A spin-off to the fighting game Phantom Breaker, Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds is a co-operative action game for up to four players.
Cute versions of the series’ characters dash around the screen in this action packed title. Defeat enemies to raise your characters’ levels and freely assign skills to your liking.

Out Now!
Size: 97 MB
1 – 2 Players (Local)
Price: $10.50
TOP HUNTER RODDY & CATHY is a side-scrolling action game released by SNK in 1994. Using a two-line system with front and back lines that can be freely switched between, jump, shoot, throw, and perform special attacks to defeat the space pirates who aim for total domination.

Yodanji (KEMCO)
Out Now!
Size: 95 MB
1 Player
Price: $7.50
Yōdanji is a coffee-break roguelike themed after Japanese folklore tales. Roguelike part is responsible for procedurally generated levels, permadeath and turn-based combat. Folklore tales are responsible for everything else, from the appearance of the dungeon and items that can be found in there to playable characters.

Teslagrad (Rain)
Out Now!
Size: 482 MB
1 Player
Price: $20.25 until 28/12, then $22.50
A journey begins… A treacherous tower… Unravel its mysteries! Discover the secrets kept in the long abandoned Tesla Tower! Magnetism and other electromagnetic powers will help you explore a non-linear world of beautiful hand-drawn environments, in a steampunk-inspired vision of old Europe.

Riptide GP: Renegade (Vector Unit)
Out Now!
Size: 152 MB
1 – 4 Players (Local) 2 – 8 Players (Online)
Price: $14.99
Experience a future of illicit hydrojet racing, where armored riders kick out death-defying stunts over massive waterfalls, dodge cops, and boost across surging waves. Unlock new vehicles, characters, and customization features as you take down bosses and build your crew in Career mode.

Embers of Mirrim (Creative Bytes)
Out Now!
Size: 2.2 GB
1 Player
Price: $25.50
To save their world from an alien threat, two proud races must set aside their differences and come together…literally.
Embers of Mirrim is an adventure-platformer featuring a mystical creature with the ability to split into light and dark embers, each independently controlled by the analog sticks.

Tennis in the Face (10tons)
Release date: 9/12
Size: 51 MB
1 Player
Price: $7.49
Help former tennis star Pete Pagassi save the city from an evil energy drink corporation, Explodz. Knockout creepy clowns, corrupt riot police and other Explodz-addicted maniacs with a tennis ball in the face. Bounce the ball off walls to reach targets lurking in cover and watch them tumble hilariously. Trigger masterful chain reactions and watch the chaos unfold.


 Embers of Mirrim (Creative Bytes)

Downloadable Content

WWE 2K18 (2K)

 Season Pass – $44.95
 – Includes Accelerator, MyPLAYER Kick Start, Enduring Icons Pack, New Moves Pack, NXT Generation Pack
 Kurt Angle Pack – Free until 13/12, then $7.95
 Cena (Nuff) Pack – $11.95
 Accelerator – $7.95
 MyPLAYER Kick Start – $14.95

Current Offers

 Spelunker Party! (Square Enix) – $30.54 until 11/12, normally $46.99
 JYDGE (10tons) – $17.59 until 7/12, normally $21.99
 The Bridge (QuantumAstroGuild) – $10.50 until 28/12, normally $15.00
 The Jackbox Party Pack 2 (Jackbox Games) – $22.05 until 14/12, normally $31.50
 I am Setsuna (SQUARE ENIX) – $35.97 until 11/12, normally $59.95


 Unepic (unepic fran) – Releases 15/12 – $12.00 until 14/12, then $15.00 (221 MB)
 Yooka-Laylee (Team17) – Releases 14/12 – $60.00 (5.3 GB)
 Mutant Mudds Collection (Atooi) – Releases 14/12 – $13.05 until 13/12, then $19.50 (44 MB)

New Releases

 80’S OVERDRIVE (Insane Code) – $14.99
Christmas Night Archery (Petite Games) – $3.00
Squareboy vs Bullies: Arena Edition (Ratalaika Games) – $7.50
Japanese Rail Sim 3D  Travel of Steam (Sonic Powered) – $22.50

Virtual Console

 Bomberman Panic Bomber (Turbografx, KONAMI) – $10.40
 Salamander (Turbografx, KONAMI) – $7.80

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