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It’s the end of June, and it’s not entirely empty! We have some DLC, some demos, and some LEGO!

The Wii U has a little bit of everything, with LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens representing the retail releases, Ziggurat and Midnight 2 for the digital downloads, a¬†Runbow Demo, the Link’s Awakening DLC for Hyrule Warriors, and a couple sales.

The 3DS also gets LEGO Star Wars, a Monster Hunter Demo, some DLC for Fire Emblem Fates and Hyrule Warriors Legends, and of course, BoxBoxBoy! We had a heads up on BoxBoxBoy at E3, with plenty of footage and Treehouse commentary on the gameplay. The Battle Cats POP! is also up for download as of now, and to round it all out, there’s a few sales too!

All prices and releases are based on the European eShop update, this article will be edited with final prices and releases upon the actual eShop update Thursday night.

So what’s caught your eye this week? You know the drill, comment below!

Wii U Retail Downloads

ndu_wiiu LEGO STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS (WB Games, $79.95, available 29/6)

Wii U eShop Downloads

ndu_wiiudl Ziggurat (Milkstone Studios, $20.00)
ndu_wiiudl Midnight 2 (Petite Games, $2.60)

Wii U Demo Software

ndu_wiiudl Runbow Demo (13AM Games, Free)

Wii U Add-on Content

ndu_wiiudl¬†Hyrule Warriors: Link’s Awakening Pack (Nintendo, $6.50)

Wii U Special Offers

ndu_wiiudl¬†Rock ‘N Racing Off Road DX (EnjoyUp Games, $TBC until¬†28/7, normally $7.99)
ndu_wiiudl ZaciSa: Defense of the Crayon Dimensions! (ZeNfA Productions, $TBC until 28/7, normally $4.30)

3DS Retail Downloads

ndu_3DS LEGO STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS (WB Games, $49.95, available 29/6)

3DS eShop Downloads

ndu_3DSDL BOXBOXBOY! (Nintendo, $TBC)
ndu_3DSDL The Battle Cats POP! (PONOS, $13.00)

3DS Demo Software

ndu_3DSDL Monster Hunter Generations Demo (CAPCOM, Free)

3DS Add-on Content

ndu_3DSDL Fire Emblem Fates РMap 9: Anna on the Run (Nintendo, $2.60)
ndu_3DSDL¬†Hyrule Warriors Legends: Link’s Awakening Pack (Nintendo, $9.10)
ndu_3DSDL¬†Hyrule Warriors Legends: Link’s Awakening Pack (Nintendo 3DS + Wii U) (Nintendo, $11.70)

3DS Special Offers

ndu_3DSDL Epic Word Search Collection 2 (Lightwood Games, $TBC until 7/7, normally $9.99)
ndu_3DSDL Funfair Party Games (Joindots, $4.99 until 14/7, normally $6.99)
ndu_3DSDL Undead Bowling (Joindots, $TBC until 14/7, normally $9.99)
ndu_3DSDL Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D Download Version (Zordix AB, $TBC until 7/7, normally $13.00)

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