Aussie Nintendo Download Updates (22/1 – 28/1) – Crystal Sphear

by Troy WassenaarJanuary 23, 2018

Well, we’re nearing the end of January, but the eShop don’t stop rockin’.

We have another 10+ week, with Lost Sphear probably being the ‘big’ release this week- but there’s still plenty of other games to check out. Including Super One More Jump from fellow Aussies, SMG Studio!

Of course, we can’t forget the 3DS, which is finally getting Pokemon Crystal!

Don’t be shy, tell us what you’re getting in the comments!

ChromaGun (Pixel Maniacs)
Out Now!
Size: 1.1 GB
1 Player
Price: $29.99
Welcome to ChromaTec’s test lab! You’re here to test our newest, state-of-the-art military-grade colour-technology: The ChromaGun (patent pending)! Use it to try and solve our meticulously designed test chambers.


Shu (Coatsink Software)
Out Now!
Size: 3.0 GB
1 Player
Price: $12.99
When the great and terrible Storm destroys Shu’s village, he embarks on a desperate journey to survive. On his travels he’ll encounter stranded villagers – survivors of the devastation that need his help.


Out Now! (Demo Available!)
Size: 2.4 GB
1 Player
Price: $69.95
The adventure of LOST SPHEAR begins in a remote town of Elgarthe where a young boy, Kanata, awakens from a devastating dream to find his hometown disappearing. 


Celeste (Matt Makes Games Inc.)
Out Now!
Size: 1.2 GB
1 Player
Price: $30.00
Celeste is a platformer about climbing a mountain, from the creators of TowerFall. Unravel the secrets of the mountain and overcome your limitations to reach the summit in over 300 levels!


Tennis (D3 Publisher)
Out Now!
Size: 139 MB
1 – 2 Players (Local) 2 Players (Local Wireless)
Price: $10.50
A tennis game that can be picked up and played by anyone. Enjoy the game by yourself, or play against family and friends. With eight characters and six courts available, feel the excitement that tennis brings.


STRIKERS1945 II for Nintendo Switch (Zerodiv)
Out Now!
Size: 109 MB
1 – 2 Players
Price: $9.99
If you went to a video arcade, you might know a certain name…. The name is “Psikyo.” The Psikyo made an awful disaster that called “Psikyo Bullets.” Many players felt an indignation about speedy bullets from enemies and they cried at the end….


ZERO GUNNER 2- for Nintendo Switch (Zerodiv)
Out Now!
Size: 136 MB
1 – 2 Players
Price: $9.99
Famous for its cool world and innovatively omnidirectional shooting system, ZERO GUNNER 2, is coming back as ZERO GUNNER 2-.


Island Flight Simulator (Joindots)
Out Now!
Size: 684 MB
1 Player
Price: $29.99
Enjoy fantastic open-ended gameplay, touch down in the tropics and transport freight between 12 exotic islands in more than a hundred exciting missions.


Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 (Rainy Frog)
Out Now!
Size: 545 MB
1 Player
Price: $22.50
Jump into the hot seat of a combat helicopter and fly behind enemy lines under heavy fire as you search and rescue hostages! Play through 35 tense missions that include rescuing hostages, providing air support, protecting convoys and of course wiping out the enemy.

Tachyon Project (Eclipse Games)
Out Now!
Size: 366 MB
1 – 4 Players
Price: $15.00
Tachyon Project is an action-packed dual-stick shooter driven by a story. Through the story mode you’ll progressively unlock all the weapons, secondary weapons and perks available to configure your ship. You’ll need them to face the increasingly hard enemies you’ll find with over 30 different types.

Super One More Jump (SMG Studio)
Out Now!
Size: 86 MB
1 – 4 Players
Price: $7.99
Simple to learn one button controls. Hard to master levels. Test your muscle memory, concentration and sanity!



Out Now!
Size: 1.5 GB
1 Player
Price: $13.00
Save the world in Fantasy Hero ~unsigned legacy~ by choosing from one of four heroes and reclaiming what was lost to the Decoders!


Arcade Archives Kid Niki Radical Ninja (HAMSTER)
Out Now!
Size: 69 MB
1 – 2 Players
Price: $10.50
Kid Niki: Radical Ninja is a side scrolling platform action game developed by Irem and published by both Irem and Data East. Kid Niki: Radical Ninja was originally released in the arcade in 1986. A year later Irem made a home port of Kid Niki: Radical Ninja on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Out Now!
Size: 87 MB
1 – 2 Players
Price: $10.50
Players are able to take part in epic battles between 14 historic figures such as Hanzo Hattori and Jeanne. Players can enjoy numerous battle strategies via the simple but deep game system featuring mechanics such as Throw Back and Projectile Bounce Back.

EARTH WARS (oneoreight)
Out Now!
Size: 1.8 GB
1 Player
Price: $6.00
In the year 2020, the world has become a nest for the unknown hostile organisms, E.B.E. No current weapons appear to make any impact on the E.B.E. leaving humanity powerless and on the brink of destruction.



 Dandara (Raw Fury) – $15.99 until 5/2, $19.99 on release – Releases 6/2
Dragon Quest Builders (Nintendo) – $79.95 – Releases 9/2 (Demo Available!)
 Bayonetta (Nintendo) – $49.95 – Releases 16/2
 Bayonetta 2 (Nintendo) – $69.95 – Releases 16/2
 Kirby Star Allies (Nintendo) – $79.95 – Releases 16/3

Current Offers

 Portal Knights (505 Games) – $53.95 until 28/1, normally $59.95
 Tactical Mind (QubicGames) – $4.05 until 31/1, normally $4.50
 Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (StageClearStudios) – $16.49 until 31/1, normally $21.99
 Stick It to The Man (Zoink Games) – $13.50 until 1/2, normally $18.00
 NBA 2K18 (2K) – $64.96 until 1/2, normally $99.95
 NBA 2K18 Legend Edition (2K) – $69.97 until 1/2, normally $139.95
 WWE 2K18 (2K) – $34.97 until 1/2, normally $69.95
 WWE 2K18 (2K) – $41.82 until 1/2, normally $92.95
 L.A. Noire (2K) – $67.46 until 1/2, normally $89.95
 Qbik (Forever Entertainment) – $6.75 until 1/2, normally $7.50
 Bulb Boy (Bulbware) – $7.28 until 1/2, normally $10.40
 Chess Ultra (Ripstone Publishing) – $14.98 until 1/2, normally $16.65
 Tachyon Project (Eclipse) – $12.00 until 1/2, normally $15.00
 Oxenfree (Night School) – $6.24 until 6/2, normally $24.99
 The Jackbox Party Pack 3 (Jackbox Games) – $25.89 until 8/2, normally $32.37
 Sparkle 2 EVO (Forever Entertainment) – $3.75 until 8/2, normally $7.50
 Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron (HandyGames) – $14.99 until 8/2, normally $22.50
 Violett (Forever Entertainment) – $7.00 until 8/2, normally $15.00
 The Bridge (QuantumAstroGuild) – $9.00 until 22/2, normally $15.00

Virtual Console

 Pokemon Crystal Version (Nintendo) – $13.00 (Pre-purchase available!)

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