Aussie Nintendo Download Updates (21/4) – Fixin’ for a Foxin’

by Troy WassenaarApril 18, 2016
How swell.
How swell.

We’ve been waiting, and it’s here! Star Fox Zero, and the only recently announced properly Star Fox Guard, are heading to your Wii U eShops this week! Definitely cause to celebrate! With a party, or 2… maybe a Mario Party? Well, Mario Party 2 from the N64 and Mario Party DS from the, you guessed it, DS are also heading to the Wii U Virtual Console!

What a slick sales pitch. What else? Oh, Langrisser Re:Incarnation-TENSEI- is out this week, though I honestly have only heard of it right now. Pocket Card Jockey is also getting a demo on the 3DS, with the full game coming to the west on May 5th. Also check out Shovel Knight, one sale for both Wii U and 3DS! They’re accompanied by Never Alone on the Wii U, and Shin Megami Tensei IV on the 3DS for sales, too.

So, what’s your pick, or picks for this week? Lets us know!


Wii U eShop Downloads

ndu_wiiudl Queen’s Garden (Joindots, $9.99)

Wii U Retail Downloads

ndu_wiiu Star Fox Zero (Nintendo, $79.95, $73.45 if you downloaded Star Fox Guard, available April 22)
ndu_wiiu Star Fox Guard (Nintendo, $19.50, $13.00 if you downloaded Star Fox Zero, available April 22)

Wii U Virtual Console

ndu_wiiuvc Mario Party DS (DS, Nintendo, $13.00)
ndu_wiiuvc Mario Party 2 (N64, Nintendo, $13.00)

Wii U eShop Special Offers

ndu_wiiudl Shovel Knight (Yacht Club Games, $13.00 until 28/4, normally $19.50)
ndu_wiiudl Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) (E-line Media $4.99 until 4/5, normally $19.99)
ndu_wiiudl Shadow Puppeteer (Snow Cannon, $13.00 until 11/5, normally $19.50)
ndu_wiiudl Family Tennis SP (Shin’en Multimedia, $5.49 until 12/5, normally $7.40)


3DS eShop Downloads

ndu_3DSDL Langrisser Re:Incarnation-TENSEI- (Aksys Games, $52.00, available 19/4)
ndu_3DSDL Dan McFox: Head Hunter (Lightwood Games, $2.99)
ndu_3DSDL Pocket Card Jockey Demo (Nintendo) – Free

3DS eShop Special Offers

ndu_3DSDL Shovel Knight (Yacht Club Games, $13.00 until 28/4, normally $19.50)
ndu_3DSDL Shin Megami Tensei IV (Atlus, $13.00 until 5/5, normally $26.00)

3DS Home Themes

ndu_3DSDL Animal Crossing: Gardening Weather (Nintendo, $TBC, theme available April 22)
ndu_3DSDL Hatsune Miku: Paper Craft Theme (SEGA, $TBC, theme available April 22)

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