Aussie Nintendo Download Updates (1/1 – 7/1) – Happy New Year!


It’s 2018, and we’re back to the weekly smorgasbord of- oh, 3 games? Well… hmm!

It’s a slower week than we’ve had during the December rush, but it’s the first week of the year, so it makes sense! There’s at least a handful of sales still, and next week onward looks to be picking up in momentum again.

Pic-a-Pix Deluxe (Lightwood Games)
Out Now! (Demo available!)
Size: 41 MB
1-4  Players
Price: $11.99 (Pre-order available!)
Pic-a-Pix are exciting logic puzzles that form whimsical pixel art pictures when solved. Pic-a-Pix are sometimes known by other names, such as Picross, Nonogram, Paint by Numbers, Griddlers, Hanjie and many more.


Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing (EnjoyUp Games)
Out Now!
Size: 425 MB
1-4  Players
Price: $12.00
Get ready for some speed with your family and friends! Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing gives you the fastest, most exciting races. You can evolve your car, improving the engine, brakes, tires and more until you’ve achieved the perfect evolution to win the Championship!



Out Now!
Size: 80 MB
1-2  Players
Price: $10.50
KING OF THE MONSTERS is an action game released by SNK in 1991 in Japan. Players choose from one of the six monsters available, and battle their way across Japan in order to claim the title of strongest monster.


NBA Playgrounds – Enhanced Edition (Saber Interactive Incorporated)
Out Now!
Size: 7.1 GB
Price: $15.00 until 18/1, then $30.00 – or FREE if you have already downloaded NBA Playgrounds
Take your ‘A’ game to the playground and beat the best in high-flying 2-on-2 basketball action. Practise your skills, play with up to three others* on your¬†Nintendo Switch¬†and use your talents to posterize your opponents with acrobatic jams and ridiculous displays of skill.


Downloadable Content

NBA Playground РEnhanced Edition (Saber Interactive Incorporated)
¬†Hot ‘N Frosty – $15.00
 Unlock Roster Р$15.00

Pic-a-Pix Deluxe (Lightwood Games)
 Pic-a-Pix Colour Р$5.99

Current Offers

 1-2-Switch (Nintendo) Р$48.95 until 11/1, normally $69.95
 ARMS (Nintendo) Р$63.95 until 11/1, normally $79.95
 Flip Wars (Nintendo) Р$10.50 until 11/1, normally $15.00
¬†Don’t Knock Twice (Wales Interactive) – $11.19 until 11/1, normally $15.99
 Spellspire (10tons) Р$11.99 until 10/1, normally $14.99
¬†Fast RMX (Shin’en Multimedia) – $23.70 until 7/1, normally $27.99
 Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure DELUXE (Reign Bros) $24.00 until 12/1, normally $30.00
 PAN-PAN A tiny big adventure (CIRCLE Ent.) Р$7.08 until 11/1, normally $8.85
 Romancing SaGa 2 (SQUARE ENIX) Р$30.36 until 8/1, normally $37.95
 Astro Bears Party (QubicGames) Р$6.00 until 10/1, normally $7.50
 Super Beat Sports (Harmonix) Р$18.00 until 8/1, normally $22.50
 Robonauts (QubicGames) Р$11.25 until 10/1, normally $22.50
 Koi DX (CIRCLE Ent.) Р$7.08 until 11/1, normally 8.85
 Tumblestone (QuantumAstroGuild) Р$12.99 until 18/1, normally $19.99
 Tower Of Babel (EnjoyUp Games) Р$8.99 until 25/1, normally $14.99

Permanent Price Drops

 WWE 2K18 (2K) РWas $99.95, now $69.95
 WWE 2K18 Digital Deluxe Edition (2K) РWas $145.20, now $92.95


 The Escapists 2 (Team17) Р$30.00 (11/1 release)

Special Offers

My Nintendo members prices only, following sales end 11/1

Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo – $41.96, normally $59.95
 Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Р$41.96, normally $59.95
 Mario Kart 7 Р$41.96, normally $59.95
 Metroid: Samus Returns Р$41.96, normally $59.95
 Miitopia Р$41.96, normally $59.95
 Picross 3D: Round 2 Р$34.96, normally $49.95
 Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Р$41.96, normally $59.95
 Super Mario Maker Р$41.96, normally $59.95
 Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS Р$41.96, normally $59.95
 The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Р$41.96, normally $59.95
 Tomodachi Life Р$41.96, normally $59.95
¬†Dillon’s Rolling Western: The Last Ranger – $9.10, normally $13.00
 Fallblox Р$7.28, normally $10.40
 Pocket Card Jockey Р$4.55, normally $9.10
 Pullblox Р$6.30, normally $9.00
 Tank Troopers Р$5.20, normally $10.40

Special Offers

My Nintendo members prices only, following sales end 11/1

 Mario Kart 8 Р$39.97, normally $79.95
 Wind Waker HD Р$55.96, normally $79.95
 Mario Party 10 Р$48.96, normally $69.95
 Super Mario Maker Р$34.97, normally $69.95
 Super Mario 64 (N64 VC) Р$6.50, normally $13.00
¬†Kirby’s Adventure Wii – $18.20, normally $26.00
 Super Mario Galaxy Р$12.00, normally $26.00

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