Aussie Bargain Roundup: Fire Emblem Warriors

Update 19/10: After a bit of a wait, Big W has come through with the Fire Emblem Warriors bargains, we know Target’s price but don’t have a catalogue scan, so you’ll have to match manually until someone sends it in (or just buy it from Target).

Fire Emblem Warriors is out this Friday, 20th of October for both the Nintendo Switch and for the New Nintendo 3DS only.

Notes: As always if you see a cheaper price let us know here in the comments, on Twitter or Facebook. Don’t panic! We’ll keep the guide updated with links so you can price match if you need to.


Big W

EB Games

The Gamesmen






OzGameShop (UK)

Switch Version

3DS Version

Some links in the bargain guide are affiliate links and any products purchased via them will support the website.

Guide last updated on October 15th.

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