Activision kills off Guitar Hero, DJ Hero with 500 to lose their job

Activision have milked the teat dry as the company refocuses on digital

It finally happened, Activision has killed off the once gigantic Guitar Hero franchise with no game in the series to be released this year. The company has also killed off the DJ Hero franchise and True Crime: Hong Kong has also be canned. Its no surprise really, a few years back Activision said they were going to exploit their franchises on a yearly basis, seems that the well has run dry.

Canceling games is all well and good but it now appears that over 500 employees of the company will be let go, and thats the really sad part of this news. Good news though is that Activision has a Family Guy game on the way as well as another Wipeout based one, thats the TV show not the futuristic racer.

Dont worry Activision has plenty more Call of Duty on the way and theyre planning to build a best-in-class digital community. Cant wait to see that. Activision also reminds us that they own Blizzard and that part of their business makes a bazillion dollars a year. No word yet if theyre going to be exploiting that one.

No one is going to cry over no more Guitar Hero, people losing their jobs – thats another thing.

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