A weird new Pokémon is showing up in Pokémon GO

by Oliver BrandtSeptember 22, 2018

If you participated in today’s Community Day in Pokémon GO, you might have noticed something a little… strange towards the end.

A few days ago, Pokémon GO hackers noticed that Kecleon’s in-game model had been replaced on the Pokémon GO servers with a weird new Pokémon. Today, at the very end of Australia’s Chikorita Community Day, the weird new Pokémon started showing up everywhere — almost all Pokémon in the game were suddenly replaced with the weird nut-Ditto hybrid.

When caught, the weird Pokémon — which we’ve dubbed Nutto for the sake of convenience — wouldn’t stay in its current form, instead turning into either Ditto or Chikorita. It’s all very weird.

Kento Suga, the game’s head of marketing in Japan, tweeted about the incident, suggesting it was a tease and not a mistake like many thought, but at this stage, who knows? We can still see Nutto on our radars, and folks in other regions have been able to encounter Nutto. Many have suggested that Nutto might be the never-before-seen Pokémon to be featured in the upcoming Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu, but it’s impossible to say until we know more.

We’ll keep you updated as this story develops.

Thanks to sheepytina in the Vooks Discord for the screenshots, and CaptainRako on reddit for the header image template. 

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