A Nintendo Direct, but its all generated by cursed AI

So it’s June. It’s meant to be the time of E3, but instead, we’ve got Summer Games Fest + 20 other publishers streaming presentations, and not one of them is Nintendo.

So is Nintendo going to have a Direct in June, this week, next week, before the sun cools and expands and engulfs us all? Who knows, they’ll get to it when they’re ready.

But what if they don’t? How will we ever know what’s happening? We’ve put together some of the biggest rumours and bull out there and fed it into the DALL¬∑E mini AI image generator. The AI generates the images and keeps our imagination fed.

Here’s a Nintendo Direct, but generated by AI.

A 1-2 Switch Sequel

This week Fanbyte published an article about Everybody‚Äôs 1-2 Switch, an reported sequel to 1-2 Switch. It’s hosted by a bi-pedal horse, which was enough for the AI to give us this.

Bayonetta 3

Well it’s about time we got to see Bayonetta 3 again. Hopefully it’s looking a bit better than this.

Mother 3 for Nintendo Switch

Pikmin 4

Back in 2015, Miyamoto said that a Pikmin 4 was ‘very close to completion’, so 7 years later how’s it shaping up?

Metroid Prime Trilogy

We’ve only heard about this one for 10 years. It’s now time to shine.

The sequel to the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

It might be delayed, but surely you expect to see it at E3… or not.

A new 3D Super Mario game

If it’s not a sequel to Odyssey, or Galaxy then people are coming up with sequels to Super Mario Sunshine.

Gameboy Advance games on the Nintendo Switch

A new Donkey Kong game

The King has been ignored for too long, here’s a new Donkey Kong game. But this time DK is a Kremling.

F-Zero GX HD

Nuff said.

All of these images where generated by the DALL-E mini app. Thanks to that!

Golden Girls on Nintendo Switch

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