1-2 Switch and Arms Games announced for Switch

In typical Nintendo fashion, two new games were announced for Switch that shows off some fresh capabilities and gameplay experiences the new console can bring.

First up was a multiplayer game called 1 2 Switch, which is designed to pit two plays off against each other in several different ways. The key to this title is that you aren’t playing against each other on a screen but rather face to face. The example show was a quick-draw shootout. You look into the eyes of your opponent waiting for any sign that the action is about to drop. Each player has a Joy-Con controller and whoever raises it up and pulls the trigger first wins.

Other ideas appeared to include a sword battle, dance-off, yoga, milking a cow, spell casting, office work, boxing and eating a sandwich to name a few. These may just be ideas at this stage so we will have to wait for confirmation at a later time.

The other game announced is an action fighting title called Arms. This can be played single-player against the computer or multiplayer against a friend. Players take control of a fighter with stretchy arms. For example, Ribbon Girl has boxing gloves attached to the end of arms made from long ribbons. The game is played with the Joy-Con controllers and each player needs two and as you can imagine, need to swing their arms around to use the motion controls to pummel their opponent. Being that players can move around with a side dash and jumping it brings in a bunch of different moves and techniques to use. It’s said that you can fight like a boxer and take aim like a shooter. I get the impression you’ll need to find a balance of both

Arms is touted as being a replayable experience with a various level of increasing difficulty for single player.


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