James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (GBA) Review


After the huge success of Night fire last year, EA Games thought it would be a good idea to completely deviate from the FPS view of Night fire which featured on EVERY console, and they decided to 3rd Person View, maybe to make the game different from Night fire and probably to be different and not suffer the cause of Sequal-Itis. What ever the reason 007: EON is here and it really shines on the GBA.
Now for the GBA version of this game you will never get the same graphics quality that you would expect on its big console brothers. However it does a damn fine job for what it is on the GBA. Not only is it a Isometric 3d view seen in other games such as Tony Hawks 3 or 4. And the effects throughout the game are brilliant, in the first level alone you Q-Grapple down warehouse with the building blowing up around you and you still have guys shooting at you and with this going on the game handles it perfectly. Also with any bond game you would hope that it would have a authentic bond look and feel you’ll never guess how the game actually starts up… Yes in typical Bond Fashion with the Scrolling Scope and the blood dripping down the screen and from that moment on realize that at least they put some effort into it.

Just like any other Bond games that have been and gone they have all had one thing in common they all had the Bond theme somewhere in it, but they’ve taken it further this time. Not only does the game boot up with the Scope Effect like the movies but it has the bond theme and EA have made a whole new soundtrack for this game, and it has bits of the Bond theme and familiar Bond Music weaved into the new music and the music also changes beat and get faster or slower to what type of action is going on the screen. Also during the credits is the song Everything or Nothing, it may not me CD quality but it still shows what Portable Gaming Music can do. The sound and voice effects are spread out and range from excellent to just plain rubbish. Also if you have your Headphones plug em in its worth it
This is were is separates from the norm, the game features, 3rd Person Isometric Camera Angles for most of the game and there is a also short driving sections to break up the tedium. The Controls for the Game are simple enough as well with your Shooting skills being assigned to the A Button, and there is a few different guns to go through which each one not differing from there rate of fire. The B button is for activating things within the levels also its for punch and kicking and also for “silencing people” i.e. breaking there neck which is fun and you get rewarded for. How ever it is not just Kicking and Punching and Shooting your way through the game there are also grenade, “plasma” type guns for disarming more advanced soldiers.

Also just so you know there is an actual story to the game and is shown through in game movies and photo’s. The Real actors provide there voice’s and likeness although Q is a big weird looking.

There is also a Multi-Player however since no-one else I know has a copy I cant test it out but would expect to be good and hopefully not just death match.

Having only played the Game on Easy so far (too lazy) I can say that easy like its name suggest is easy enough but not hard. The more you get into the game the more different and more advanced features come into it. Also you are able to RPG type level yourself out which is an incentive to play so you can have the best bond there is.

Final Comments from VOOK: Probably a Game that will go overlooked this X-mas but now you know its there go and get it!

Graphics 8.0

Gameplay 9.0

Sound 7.0

Tilt 8.0

Value 7.0

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