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November 19, 2012 7:40 pm

Wii U TV adverts kick off in Australia, with a twist

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We’d been hearing report that Wii U TV adverts had kicked off in Australia. We tried to record them for a few days, watching way too much free to air TV in the process. It was painful.

Then Nintendo went and uploaded the videos to Youtube anyway, so we can finally do this story for you.

But then today another type of advert appeared on our screens. Reader Diaglyph was watching The Project when the following appeared. It’s a co-branded advert with Nintendo and Channel Ten. It’s likely now that Dave Hughes has played more Wii U than you.

We’ve included the rest of the adverts that have been shown as well below, they’re much the same as the UK ones but with cheesy Aussie dubs over the top.

If you spot any more let us know and we’ll include them in this story.

There’s about 5 more adverts available on Nintendo Australia’s Youtube Channel here. It’ll help pass the time until November 30.

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  1. wepoo

    “Oh thanks son, great save”, “PS I AM A ROBOT”

  2. Johnny B

    Made me lol. I thought they seems Aussie though – we sure they’re dubbed? Anyway whatevs, I’ve got mine on preorder

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