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July 3, 2013 12:16 pm

Update: White Wii U Basic Bundle Recalled By EB Games In Australia

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Last month it was revealed that US retailer GameStop would not be selling the 8GB Wii U Basic bundle, the system was being recalled by head off for reasons still unspecified.

Now the same is happening here in Australia, we’ve been informed that EB Games Australia is recalling all 8GB Wii U Basic Bundles as well with immediate effect. We’re not sure why, but it is happening and happening soon.

The Basic 8GB bundle we’ve been told hasn’t sold at all well in Australia, a sentiment that is echoed worldwide. We’re not sure if this means that the White 32GB Premium Wii U is headed our way, but if Nintendo is behind these recalls its certainly possible.

We’ll let you know more as we do.

Update: We have received a statement from EB Games Australia, Its fairly similar to the one given by Nintendo America to IGN in the US. It is as follows;

Recently it has been reported that EB Games is doing a recall on the Wii U White 8GB Pack. This information is incorrect. We are currently conducting a stock rebalance, which is standard procedure with all of our products and involves sending a portion of our stock back to our Head Office to get redistributed. All stores still have inventory of this product, and will continue to stock it as per normal for the foreseeable future.

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  1. My money is still on them doing a Wii Fit U bundle with these basic’s.

  2. Dilzi

    Wait, does that mean if you have bought one you can take it back for a refund, or that EB is sending back all of their stock?

  3. Story has been updated with comment from EB Games.

  4. Tim

    I bought a White Wii U Basic a couple of weeks ago for 270AUD for this reason.
    White consoles are underselling black consoles by a big margin. This is also why many accessories are available exclusively in black (Energiser chargers, stands etc.) to cater for the much larger demand for black components to match the black consoles

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