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September 26, 2012 4:07 pm

VVVVVV finally comes to the Aussie eShop next week

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Nicalis has confirmed to us via Twitter that the eShop version of VVVVVV will be released on the Australian eShop next week, that’s October 4th.

The title has been available in America and even on the European eShop for some time but for reasons left in the past (voodoo we believe) the game never hit the Australian eShop.

VVVVVV is a gravity shifting puzzle platformer which sounds and looks like a 8-bit title. It’s also as tough as nails like one too. Captain Viridian will thank you if you get the job done right.

Thanks to @BB2K2 on Twitter for the Tip

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  1. Matthew945

    But for how much?

  2. Lachlan

    And just after I bought it from the UK store, too!

  3. @BB2K2

    Haha I found this out for you mate, give me a shoutout! :P

  4. kksl1der

    Fancy seeing you here.

  5. Burak H

    About %#^#ing time! Been waiting ages for this one and I didn’t want to buy the Mac version (yet) despite the added level editor and significantly cheaper price. =P Judging from the US/UK price, it will most likely cost AU$12.00 in the eShop. However, there have been a *few* occasions where we’ve been charged differently to Europe…

    The Lost Town: The Jungle (EU Price: 200pts/$3.00; AU Price: 500pts/$7.50)
    Inchworm Animation (EU Price: 800pts/$12.00; AU Price: 500pts/$7.50)

  6. Plufim

    So. Um.

    eShop just updated. And VVVVV isn’t on it, just Mole Mania and a pinball demo.

    Oh Nicalis.

  7. Plufim

    Oops never mind! It is up, but the new update Nintendo sent out didn’t mention it, which is…. weird. Perhaps they’ll update it. Anyway, it’s $12 AUS.

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