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January 9, 2013 8:10 am

THQ properties likely to be sold off piece by piece

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Things are not going well for THQ, not well at all. Late in December the publisher filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and all of its assets were handed over to another company, Clearlake Capital. That company then was to find a buyer for THQ, but it looks like now that won’t be possible.

Clearlake now has to sell off THQ franchise by franchise and several other publishers are now reportedly looking into snapping them up. This will all happen on January 22nd when the assets go to auction.  There’s no clear and concrete news on who wants to by what but names such as Ubisoft, Warner Bros and even EA have been heard.

Hopefully whatever games are in development at THQ’s studios and their staff don’t get too disrupted by this move. When other companies by other companies game development studios a lot of games tend to get cancelled, hopefully this isn’t the case here. Better than being bankrupt though.

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  1. cd2

    Do they own anything worth while anyway?

    • Scott

      Anything related to Warhammer 40k, Darksiders, South Park, Saints Row, Titan Quest, Homefront, WWE, Metro 2033, UFC, and a bunch of little kids stuff.

  2. Jabjabs

    EA grabbing Saints Row would be pretty awesome. I could see the doing something really great with that franchise.

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