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January 6, 2012 1:19 am

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Pirated over 1 Million Times in 2011

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Wii comes second to only the PC in race to the bottom. TorrentFreak has released their annual statistics on torrent based piracy, with the Wii coming in a handy second place behind the poor PC. Super Mario Galaxy 2 got stolen the most, with a total of 1.28 million copies being torrented across the year. For comparison, the game had sold around 6.11 million copies as of a bit earlier in the year.

Some of the other stats released were:

Mario Sports Mix – 1.09 million downloads
Xenoblade Chronicles – 950,000 downloads
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean – 870,000
FIFA 12 – 860,000

Im surprised on two counts by this list. First off, who on earth is pirating Marios Sports Mix?! Secondly, Im kind of surprised that the Xenoblade number isnt a lot higher considering the teasing Nintendo of America did with that game in the US. Also worth noting is that the numbers only includes some private trackers and obviously doesnt account for Usenet downloads, so real piracy would sadly be even higher.

Source: Torrent Freak

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