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October 3, 2012 10:38 am

Special Edition Animal Crossing and Mario 3DS XL bundles coming to Japan

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Put on your jealousy hat as Nintendo Japan has announced not only two special edition Nintendo 3DS XL consoles bundles but also another new colour (which also comes in a bundle).

The first is a Animal Crossing 3DS XL bundle which comes with the a white 3DS XL that’s been littered with Animal Crossing themed icons on it. The game too is also included in the bundle, well the digital copy on the included SDHC card. It’s out on November 11th for 22,800 Yen.

Next up is a Monster Hunter Tri G bundle, it comes with a new all Black 3DS XL colour (black isn’t really a colour but whatever) but the new Black style is also coming separately. The bundle and the stand alone hardware will be released on November 1st in Japan.

Last but not least is a new bundle for New Super Mario Bros 2. It also comes with a Red 3DS XL and the game included on the SD card. However this red 3DS XL has little Mario sprite icons littered all over the top of it. It actually looks pretty good. This one is out November 15th.

Now we wait until we in Australia get some bundle loving…

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  1. I just so hope the Animal Crossing one comes to NZ and Aust. of course. And having the game built in would be unbelievably Good!

  2. Burak H

    I really, really hope they bring the Animal Crossing bundle to Australia. I despise the currently available 3DS XL designs.

  3. Matthew945

    I don’t like the Animal Crossing one but that NSMB2 one looks perfect! I wish I could have waited for that instead of buying a regular red 3DS XL. :(

  4. spraulin

    The Pokemon version is coming to EU does that mean we will get these too? :D


    • Luca

      No, i do not think Australia is getting the Pokemon limited edition 3DS XL. Or it would have been listed to pre-order, since it is only less then a month away. I think that is a Europe only console. But Australia better get a limited editon one soon, i do not really like the ones on hand at the moment.

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