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January 8, 2013 7:16 pm

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y releasing worldwide this October on Nintendo 3DS

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Nintendo promised some big news and boy did they deliver. After running out of colours, Nintendo has turned to the alphabet for the next installment of the Pokemon series.

Revealed in the latest Pokemon Direct installment, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be the next Pokemon mainline games and they are coming to the Nintendo 3DS worldwide this October. Yes, Japan, America, Europe and even us in Australia will be receiving the latest Pokemon games at the same time. A first for the series.

There wasn’t a whole lot of solid details released, but there was footage revealed and from that we know that the overworld has an entirely new look and battles are now conducted in full 3D. No more 2D sprites, they’re using the 3D models from the Pokedex Pro. The new three starter Pokemon were also named, they are Fennekin (fire), Froakie (water) and Chespin (grass). There also a glimpse at the legendary Pokemon who will no doubt adorn the cover.

Iwata did promise that the new games would take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS’ features, but wouldn’t elaborate at this stage.

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  1. q

    I’m a bit sad that there is no wii-u version (like monster hunter)


    imagine the Street Pass possibilities

  3. Ganmaku


  4. OzHuski

    While the overworld looks a bit plain, I gotta say the battle scenes and effects make the game feel more alive and add a lot of depth!

    I just hope the game looks a bit better on the 3DS screen, either way im getting them :P

  5. MysticLegacy

    Tempts me even more to get a 3DS (Pikachu 3DS XL perhaps)

  6. Dash135

    Soooooo, is this still Gen V?
    They still haven’t brought out the Emerald/Platinum game in this Generation, but maybe that was sort of Black and White 2’s purpose.
    Is it in Unova, or a different region?
    Are there going to be new Pokémon apart from the starters???
    So many questions, so excited, hopefully they will all be answered soon!

    Can you tell I’m absolutely getting this in October, even though I heard about it several hours ago?

    • Nannas11thtoe

      Are you serious did you not watch the same video we all did??
      its going to be generation 6 and its defiantly a new region like every other pokemon game that has been released.
      there will be more pokemon released throughout the year which is the norm as they did this with black and white and im sure they did with pearl and diamond.

      hope this helped you in anyway :)

      sometimes i weep for humanity.

  7. Vulcan09

    “Some of your favourite pokemon”???
    i really hope they learnt their lesson from ruby and sapphire, and will include full backwards compatibility!

  8. Andy

    I believe this warrents me to finally buy a 3DS

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