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July 26, 2013 3:03 pm

Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 eShop Deal Coming to Australia

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Pikmin 3 hits stores tomorrow, but you might want to reconsider that eShop purchase now. Nintendo Australia has confirmed that the Pikmin 3 slash The Wonderful 101 eShop Deal is coming to Australia.

So what’s this deal then? Well if you buy Pikmin 3 from the eShop between the 27th July and 21st September you’ll be able to buy The Wonderful 101 for 30% off. It’s likely that The Wonderful 101 will be $79.95 so the deal will bring that down to $55.97. Not a bad deal really.

You’ll have until September 21st to buy Pikmin 3 on the eShop to get the cheap The Wonderful 101 which is out in on August 24th.

Pikmin 3 is out tomorrow!

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  1. luminalace

    While this is good news, thanks to thevalready inflated pricing here, I will very likely get both via retail or even import!

  2. Dely

    Until Nintendo have digital games, for less than the the cheapest online price for physical games, I’ll be avoiding eshop games that are available physically. But that’s just me. Hell, even if they were the same price l’d still prefer the physical medium. You can collect and re-sell to your hearts content : P

  3. Matthew945

    Too late. Already got a UK download code for Pikmin for $61. If I get W101 I’ll buy it off the UK eShop and hopefully cash in on the discount on their cheaper price.

  4. David

    Would have been tempted if Nintendo of Australia hadn’t taken so long to announce it. After hearing about the European deal I kept checking the Australian site, but decided we’d probably be missing out as usual, so ordered a physical copy. Having now found out that The Wonderful 101 is a 10.2Gb download (plus 4 for Pikmin) I’m glad I’m going retail.

  5. ChiefAJ

    There is the Nintendo Network Premium on top of the discount too.

  6. How long is the deal valid for after the release of W101? I’m going to be out of the country for a few months, and I’m not sure I’ll be back before they close it down. ;_;

    • @Archaic, as the story says. The deal is valid until September 21.

      I haven’t bought Pikmin 3 yet (too many games to play), but I’ll probably jump on board with this deal. The Wonderful 101 looks awesome too.

  7. Tanukitrooper

    Also if you buy Pikmin 3 on a deluxe unit you get $7 refunded as part of the premium deal, which you can then add to the Wonderful 101 for a further discount at $48.97.

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