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September 13, 2012 1:43 pm

No, Game Boy Advance games are not coming to the eShop

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Earlier in the week there were reports that Game Boy Advance games might be coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

The news stemmed from a listing on Nintendo Australia’s site which showed ‘Dr. Mario’ as coming soon to the eShop on the Game Boy Advance.

Turns out it was just an error and the game is simple the original Game Boy version which is available now.

Here’s the statement from Nintendo Australia;

Nintendo Australia would like to confirm the recent update to the website highlighting Game Boy Advance titles are available on Nintendo eShop was posted in error. Nintendo Australia can confirm there are no current plans for Game Boy Advance games to be released on Virtual Console for Nintendo 3DS. We would also like to confirm Dr. Mario is available as a Game Boy title on Virtual Console via Nintendo eShop. We would like to apologise for any confusion this has caused.

Game Boy Advance games on the Nintendo 3DS of course remain for all Ambassadors, this hasn’t changed.

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  1. RyanZ

    What email do you use to contact them? I never see it on the site….

  2. Aspirety

    The releases seem to vaguely follow a chronological order. Once they get through the GBC games, hopefully we’ll start seeing GBA on there.

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