Nintendo will now split YouTube advertising revenue with video makers

by Daniel VuckovicMay 27, 2014

Last year Nintendo began filing copyright claims on several YouTube Let’s Play Channels and other videos containing footage of their games. The content wasn’t taken down but instead gave ad revenue to Nintendo rather than the video creator. There were reports later this was repealed but Nintendo and YouTube creators went dark on the issue and the issue was never really solved.

Nintendo now however have announced a new strategy. The company will now allow adverts on videos containing their games but take a split of the revenue. Previously Nintendo would take all of the money, instead now they’ll be sharing it with the video creator. Full details of the affiliate program will be revealed at a later date Nintendo said in a pair of Japanese language tweets tonight.

There’s two ways to see this situation, now at least Nintendo won’t be taking away all revenue (they do own the IP after-all), then again all of these videos are essentially free advertising for their games. It’s a step in the right direction?

Do you think this a good move, could it set a precedent going forward with other publishers?

Source: Nintendo English Translation: @Cheesemeister3k

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