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Nintendo is working with NFC on Wii U right now – Miyamoto

by Daniel VuckovicMarch 6, 2013

Wondering just when Nintendo is going to start using the NFC (near field communication) pad located on the bottom left of every Wii U GamePad? Well it could be soon.

Speaking with Polygon, Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that Nintendo is working on NFC enabled games right now and in fact it is a priority for them.

[quote]With NFC, that’s a feature that everyone that owns a Wii U can take advantage of. So that’s what we’re putting our priorities right now. We’re hoping that in the near future we’ll be able to show you something that will take advantage of the NFC on Wii U and people will be able to enjoy that.[/quote]

Miyamoto was also asked about when we might see multiple GamePad’s supported for multiplayer.

[quote]With regards to the two GamePads functionality, from a gaming system standpoint we are developing games that will have that capability. In the future, perhaps when we get closer to something that, an environment where everybody or a large majority of people would have two GamePads, that might be a time where we look at how we can leverage a system of that nature.[/quote]

Looks like Nintendo is working on both these hotly requested features but at least in the case of multiplayer with multiple GamePads are waiting for more Wii U consoles to be out there in public.

And what about NFC, what games are going to use that. Love to hear your thoughts.

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