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May 9, 2013 9:24 pm

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge on Wii U Will Finally Be Released This Weekend in Australia

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Updated: Nintendo Australia has confirmed that Razor’s Edge will only be released on the eShop in Australia.

This weekend will finally see the release of Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge on the Wii U in Australia. The games listing on the Wii U eShop has updated with the release date for this Saturday the 11th of May. It also looks like the game may be an eShop only release as stores we’ve spoken too haven’t received any stock of the title yet. It is priced at $79.95 on the eShop.

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge was the first game in Australia to be rated R18+ all the way back on January 11th. It will be released exactly 5 months after its classification and since then at least 10 other games have been classified R18+ and about half of them have actually been released.

Not only that, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was announced and released in the time between the Wii U console launch and now. The Vita also got a R18+ rated Ninja Gaiden game. A couple of weeks ago of the Wii U was updated with the ability to filter out R18+ games on its parental controls, thus finally clearing the way for the games release.

Anyone still keen to pick this one up on the eShop this Saturday?

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  1. Burak H

    If Nintendo releases this at retail then it’s a done deal. I’m not paying $80 for a download.

    • mikeeeey

      Agreed. I mostly wanted it because it was the first R rated game in Australia (a piece of history is a real selling point) but it’s taken too long and even though it was the first to be classified as R, it’s not as exciting anymore. JB Hifi currently have the PS3 and 360 ports for $65 so this will probably sell for about the same in store, but I might even wait until it goes cheaper since I have heaps of other games to play.

  2. You’d think if there was no physical release in Australia then the price would be lower….

  3. Too late, already picked it up on disc from the UK, for less than what they’re charging here.

  4. Jud

    FYI – Yep I picked up UK version but couldnt play it without creating a UK account. All good until WiiU broke down and Nintendo transferred accounts to a new console which caused a majot problem. 3 weeks later and they have worked out the problem and now need to build a back end repair. Prolly another couple of weeks. You have been warned!

  5. Peter

    It’s actually only been 4 months.

  6. cd2

    Do you think all R18 from Nintendo will be eShop only

  7. Great Sage

    Lol eshop only, won’t be buying this.

  8. Matthew945

    Once again I’ve been foiled by correctly entering my age into the system. I’m restricted from even viewing the game in the eShop thanks to its R rating and the Wii U doesn’t let you change your birth date. Oh well, not that I was going to buy it anyway.

  9. luminalace

    I always thought the inflated prices for full games on eShop was because it needed to match retailers, but $80 for a 6 month old digital release is ridiculous! Get your act together NA!

  10. Brennan88

    I’m still not sure if I want the game. But I can’t buy it for another 2 months time.

    Even though the game has been out for ages everywhere else and the ports included, I still want to support the game on Wii U.

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