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January 20, 2013 4:10 pm

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon apparently includes local multiplayer

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News about Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon seems to become more confusing each day.

Locally there is no official release date and no confirmation about the game’s final name or box art.

Now adding to this is news about the content within game.

According to the official website, Dark Moon will include a brand new local multiplayer mode only available on the 3DS.

“With so many new places to explore, all new ways to capture ghosts, and a brand new local multiplayer mode, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is another star turn for Mario’s heroic brother—and it’s only on Nintendo 3DS.”

On the very same page though, the information bar on the side reads, “No. Of Players: 1 player”.

Surprisingly this is not the first time this game and multiplayer have been mentioned in the same sentence.

In November 2011, Nintendo listed multiplayer as a feature in the second Luigi’s Mansion and then claimed it was an error.

So what is going on here? Is this a misprint or is there something about Luigi’s latest outing Nintendo is not telling us about?

Let us know what you think!

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  1. Someone

    Hopefully it’s that ghost hunting game from Nintendo Land. ;)

  2. Multiplayer has been removed from the official website

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