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October 17, 2013 5:39 pm

A Link Between Worlds musical chest exclusive to EB Games in Australia

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It seems EB Games have quite the exclusive on Zelda related items this year, first it was that Limited Edition 3DS XL now the musical chest we saw earlier in the week.

Yes preorder The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds at EB Games and you’ll get the below musical treasure chest. It doesn’t just look good but instead has the ability to hold games. Neat.

Being exclusive to EB Games it’s unlikely you’ll be able to preorder the game there, price match and get the treasure chest. So save those extra dollars if you want that chest.


Oh haven’t seen how it all works? Here’s Iwata and Aonuma trying it out.

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  1. Mystika

    Will we get this if we buy the Zelda 3DS XL? Would be a real shame if we had to buy another copy of the game just for this.

  2. Maggie


  3. Burak H

    You won’t. It’s only for the standalone version of the game.

  4. luminalace

    Wow colour me surprised. Great news though, will be pre-ordering and will happily pay full price!

  5. dougan636

    Just pre-ordered the 3DS XL, still gonna ask for the chest thou.. we should get it, we did pre order the game.

  6. Gaff

    No. You preordered the 3ds. Not the game. The game is a bonus that comes with your 3ds.
    You want the chest, preorder the stand alone game.

  7. daniel shaw

    Im sorry to say but the 3DS XL does not come with this special offer

  8. prawnmatic

    I rarely ever pre-order and even more rarely buy from EB games but I feel like I REALLY need to have this…

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