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February 27, 2013 12:09 pm

Japan gets new 3DS Colours: Gloss Pink and Light Blue

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Nintendo has just announced two new Nintendo 3DS (standard size) colours that will Japanese stores next month.

The Light Blue and Gloss Pink colours will go on sale from March 20th and come with a larger capacity 4G SDHC card instead of the regular 2GB. The new colours will set you back the regular old 15,000yen price.

These have just been announced but Nintendo so no word yet if we’ll see them in Australia. However, it’s a Pink Nintendo 3DS, its a safe bet.




Anyone keen for these colours?

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  1. korn_spracy

    I dun understand why… I mean 3ds XL… Do people want smaller handhelds?

  2. Dash135

    I’m happy with my regular 3DS. I’m a person who likes to take their 3DS everywhere in my pocket to get streetpasses, so I don’t know how easy it would be to carry around an XL everywhere. I think the two consoles are for different purposes, so it makes sense they are both still around.

  3. flamecondor

    Ooooh that Blue one, umm wow, I kinda want :/

    I’m sort of looking at getting a Japanese 3DS and if I decide to get one thats not the Dragon Quest one, that Blue is going to be high on my consideration list.

  4. Demma10

    Now if Nintendo just see their way to releasing a green 3DS…

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