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November 28, 2012 1:18 pm

Here come the Aussie Wii U game delays. One has even been cancelled

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It inevitably happens, just before the launch of a console some titles slip a day or two, a week or at worst a month. It happened with the Wii and also with the 3DS. Now the Wii U is suffering some delays. As it stands, three games have been delayed and the release of another has been pulled entirely from Australia.

The following Wii U games will miss launch on Friday, NBA 2K13, Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two and Marvel Avengers: The Battle for Earth.

NBA has been pushed to early next year where as Epic Mickey 2 and Marvel is only missing release by a couple weeks and will be arriving on December 13th.

007 Legends though, that’s just been entirely cancelled for release here. It’s not coming, it likely never was. We followed up with Activision as to why and just received  a confirmation that indeed the game on Wii U was not being released here. We shouldn’t be too angry however, reviewers haven’t been favourable to the title on any system and now the developers are laying off staff. It’s a bit of a mess.

We’ll let you know if any more titles slip.

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  1. OzHuski

    Sad – but the lack of launch titles and also to have one out right cancelled is a bit disturbing especially 1 day from launch.

    • Mort

      The cancellation if 007 means nothing. There is no point releasing a poorly received game late on a new system. The might as well use money as toilet paper otherwise

      • OzHuski

        I don’t disagree it means nothing and that the game is poorly received – but there are those out there who ~may~ enjoy it, or had been looking forward to it come release.

  2. Edward

    This sucks. I have Epic Mickey 2 paid off and now I can’t even pick it up till next month.

  3. The Adza

    Is Scribblenauts still coming even though its been delayed in Europe?

  4. Edward

    Does anyone know what the release date for Epic Mickey 2 is? I’ve come across 3 release dates and the most reliable source has it releasing on the 6th of December.

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