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Sydney Mario Kart Wii Competition

Posted by Excite , in Swag, Events 26 September 2010 · 3,895 views

Now, I planned to blog about the prizes for the competition but then thought, maybe it would be a good idea to win the competition first :lol:

= = =

What the hell are you smoking, you ask?...


Metroid: Other M pre-order schwag

Posted by Excite , in Swag 12 September 2010 · 1,651 views
myer, metroid, pre-order, swag
I've had a love-hate relationship with Myer... who am I kidding, it's been a hate relationship. The last time I bought a video game product from them was when I bought my Wii, at launch no less. With prices that are hardly competitive, surely their lastest attempt to get me into one of...