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What might the GBA Ambassador games mean?

Posted by Phantom Ganon , 03 June 2012 · 1,285 views

Time to dust off the ol' blog. Last time I posted an entry I was going to do my own theory on the Zelda timeline. But I never got into the idea after that. Plus Nintendo went and released the official timeline, which is confusing (not so much the timeline released but the fact that they actually released it). Actually scratch that last bit, both the fact that they release it and a triple split in the timeline is confusing.

So what's this post all about? Well a while ago now, Nintendo released the second half of the compensation for early adopters of the 3DS in the form of 10 GBA games. Now Nintendo may have pulled out a random assortment or decent games they made for the system. But I'm going to put my tinfoil conspiracy theory cap on and see whether these releases may be precluding upcoming games from Nintendo.

F-Zero Maximum Velocity

Considering what Nintendo seem to be going for with the 3DS and Wii U, I think there's one coming. A new one. Question is, which system will it be on? On the 3DS, we could see the 3D effect taking place again with awesome effect. Mario Kart 7's 3D isn't the strongest 3D effect we've seen (in terms of depth) but playing in first person view is awesome. On the other hand, F-Zero could be in HD on the Wii U. GX was an amazing looking game for its time on the Gamecube, natural progression should make F-Zero look simply stunning. Plus, the online capabilities are there too and the Wii U probably has more room to have more racers in a single online race as opposed to the 3DS.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

This one is probably as straightforward as it seems, it's there to help encourage people who haven't bought it yet to buy Mario Kart 7. It's too early for a Wii U Mario Kart game, especially when Nintendo have other system sellers they can use.

Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3

This may be more a personal wish more than anything but I believe that there is a 2D Mario game coming for the Wii U launch, or at least for the launch window. I think Nintendo were a bit spooked by the launch of the 3DS and will try and get the Wii U to hit the ground running. Anyways, if this game were leading into that, why not use a more traditional Mario game like World or Bros 3? I don't think Nintendo should use the NSMB Wii engine if they are turning New Super Mario Bros. Mii from a tech demo into a full game. They need something that will pop in HD.

We also know that New Super Mario Bros. 2 is coming for the 3DS.

Wario Land 4
Typically a handheld series (one that sort of branched off from Mario Land), a Wario Land game could be coming. We know New Super Mario Bros. 2 is on its way for the 3DS,a Wario Land title would be another 2D platformer people could look forward to.

WarioWare Inc.
I'm not sure WarioWare could work with the 3DS having a touch screen and a separate 3D screen. It could, but the minigames would probably have to be grouped into touch minigames and 3D effect minigames. I'm not even sure how useful a 3D screen can be for minigames. In any case, I think if this is leading to anything at all, it's on the Wii U. A downloadable or even pack-in Warioware game which has a whole bunch of minigames that can demonstrate the different features of the Wii U? Sounds like something feasible. I'd lean more towards the downlodable side of thing, WarioWare isn't a system seller, and they might want to reserve a pack-in game for something like Wii U Sports or a new 2D Mario game.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong
The only thing I could see this leading to is another Mario vs. Donkey Kong game on the 3DS. It's generally a handheld series, and unless it were to downloadable, not something I could see Nintendo bringing to the bigger screen.

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
Well Kirby's Adventure Wii (Return to Dream Land) came out at the end of last year and is an amazing game, so perhaps this was an effort to encourage more sales of that. We also know Nintendo are doing a 20th anniversary thing for Kirby (poor Samus, even Kirby gets the anniversary efforts). I don't see it being too much more than that.

Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Probably just another 25th Anniversary thing. We have had a lot of Zelda recently. Though Aonuma did talk about 3DS Zelda. Whether we see that at all this year remains to be seen. In my eyes, it's probably unlikely. There is this thing after all:

Posted Image

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

The 3DS version has been announced and it being made. This is the preclude to that. To get into the subject more though, Fire Emblem might have a perfect platform on the Wii U. The touch screen can be used to handle the turn based movement with simplicity, whilst the main screen becomes a cinema of sorts, with the battle animations and cutscenes in between chapters taking place in glorious HD.

Metroid Fusion

Perhaps an indication that Metroid isn't dead. I could see a lot ways this could go though. Retro's Wii U game in development might be a new 3D Metroid game. Retro have stated that their game is one that goes after the crowd of people playing on the HD twins. While 3D Metroid is something that you could see filling that void, it's not a stupendously high selling series. 2D Metroid could also happen, though I think if it is, it'll be a 3DS title. That's just me though.

Now let's keep in mind, this could all amount to nothing and I'm spouting a bunch of crap here. But recently in an interview/investor meeting/something else, Mr. Iwata said: "In the past, I mentioned that having strong momentum is very important for game platform businesses".

Now, if you're going to give out a bunch of free games, why not make them games that you have future plans on? To give the series some momentum? So without firther ado, PG's list of predictions of stuff to be announced at E3 due to all the above crap.

Maximum Velocity ----------> F-Zero (Wii U)
Yoshi's Island ---------------> 2D Mario (Wii U)
Wario Land 4 ---------------> Wario Land 5 (3DS)
WarioWare Inc. --------------> WarioWare (Wii U downladable)
Mario vs. Donkey Kong ----> Mario vs. Donkey Kong (3DS downloadable)
Minish Cap -----------------> New Legend of Zelda (3DS)
Sacred Stones -------------> Fire Emblem (Wii U)
Metroid Fusions -----------> 3D Metroid (Wii U) (I realise I directly contradict myself here, but now I've got the gut feeling. I'll leave it like this so you can all laugh at me if I'm wrong.)

I realise the above list, is a lot less than the 10 games that were released for 3DS ambassadors, but I don't see much point predicting stuff that I feel isn't going to happen or commenting on those that I said I believe have already lead to a game title. Just for the sake of it, I'll also list the games that I believe have already lead to something or that I think aren't going to go anywhere.

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror -----------> Kirby's 20th Anniversary Wii
Mario Kart Super Circuit ------------------> Mario Kart 7

So now that I've got all that off my chest and E3 is less than a week away: COME AT ME BROS. Seriously leave a comment, even if it tears my blog entry apart.

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Jun 03 2012 10:20 PM
Interesting thoughts, and probably on the ball as well.

Still a bit OTT too-much-spare-time looking to me, but then again I spent half an hour painting resin mandolly bases.
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I agree and like your theory/speculation. I still however wished they released other games :(
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Nintendo, give this man a marketing job!

Definitely some good ideas there. F-Zero 3DS/WU will have huge hype from the existing fanbase, and the VC version could get some new fans on board.

And for existing games like MK7, that strategy could work very well with a wee price drop.
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Phantom Ganon
Jun 04 2012 06:30 PM
Plas, I actually wrote the bulk of this at the start of the year and never got around to finish it until now when Ifigured it'd be useful just to see if my predictions get anywhere.

Playa, other GBA games would be great. Personally would love Zero Mission, but that's only because I've got Fusion. I don't think the 3DS will go the entire way without GBA titles being added.

Ben, thanks. :) Hopefully F-Zero announcement Wednesday morning, even if it's not there for launch.
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