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What might the GBA Ambassador games mean?

Posted by Phantom Ganon , 03 June 2012 · 1,285 views

Time to dust off the ol' blog. Last time I posted an entry I was going to do my own theory on the Zelda timeline. But I never got into the idea after that. Plus Nintendo went and released the official timeline, which is confusing (not so much the timeline released but the fact that they actually released it). Actually scratch that last bit, both the...


Phantom Ganon makes a Zelda Timeline

Posted by Phantom Ganon , 22 May 2011 · 1,007 views

Before you all get excited, the timeline hasn't been created yet. :P In fact, I'm not going to be making a single blog post with my finalised timeline there.

Posted Image

To be honest, I used to be one of those guys who would see timeline topics on GameFAQs and laugh at the...


The End

Posted by Phantom Ganon , 12 May 2011 · 687 views

Holy crap it's been a while. And before we all start assuming, no the title does not mean I'm going to be stopping my blog. Not that it matters much anyway.

What I am going on about is that today I've realised something. Going through the endings of Legend of Zelda games, I think the thing that makes one of these games legendary in my mind is...


Pokemon HGSS Log Thread anyone?

Posted by Phantom Ganon , 10 March 2010 · 673 views

So I've been kinda thinking the game is almost upon us, there's not much longer to wait. And I was thinking that maybe we should set up like a Log Thread for everyone to post their progress as they play the game. You know update us on where you're at with your adventure, tell us how your Pokemon are coming along, if you swap any out for another...


Why Spirit Tracks is brilliant

Posted by Phantom Ganon , 02 March 2010 · 514 views

It's been a while. So bear with me on this one. :P Now there's probably Spirit Tracks (along with OoT) spoilers below even though I've tried to keep them out so you've been woarned

For anyone who has not been living under a rock and keeping up with our increasingly sped up world of video games, you would know that Legend of Zelda: Spirit...


My List of Games with Great Music - Game 9

Posted by Phantom Ganon , 24 September 2009 · 601 views

Here comes another one! Now I was getting hyped for the imminent release of Metroid Prime Trilogy and I went back to attempt to finish Super Metroid. Now I've made significant inroads on that project but I also remember that the place where it all started would be a nice entry to my great list. And by where it started, I mean where it ALL...


My List of Games with Great Music - Game 8

Posted by Phantom Ganon , 27 August 2009 · 456 views

Yay another one! Now this one I feel I have to get off my chest because for some reason this game cops a lot of flak for its music. It also (somewhat justifiably) cops flak for being too similar to previous games and just not making the whole experience seem as fun. I've read reviewers give the music flak for being primitive. I've read forumers...


My List of Games with Great Music - Game 4, 5, 6, 7

Posted by Phantom Ganon , 02 August 2009 · 264 views

Yes I'm being lazy. But time isn't permitting me to do a game with an almighty soundtrack. And although the games I'm about to list may also have almighty soundtracks, I've never played them. So then, you naturally ask, "But PG, how are you putting them in your list if you haven't played them?" Well I lie just a tad. I remember...


My List of Games with Great Music- Game 3

Posted by Phantom Ganon , 07 July 2009 · 220 views

Quite recently, a great musician has passed away. Now a few of you may not associate Michael Jackson with video games but he had a few. One of these games was Moonwalker.

Posted Image

Now Game 3 on my list was going to be something completely different. But seeing as everyone is doing...


My List of Games with Great Music - Game 2

Posted by Phantom Ganon , 06 June 2009 · 249 views

It's been a while since my first one, and you all probably aren't wondering why. But I'll tell you anyway. Ever since I've made this blog tons of games have been flying through my head. The dilemma? Which game goes next? After a bit of a internal debate I figured I have to start somewhere, so I've gone with this game.


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