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extended response to 'the wall'

Posted by indevelopment , 11 March 2012 · 1,270 views

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Posting here so I don't derail the thread with a long rambly post, just wanted to get more out of the system about this album. Because as an investment in time, this is something that keeps on giving.

Spoiler warning though, if you don't want to be exposed to my particular take on the wall, stop reading. Like a great work of literature, or film, this is a tale that can take you to multiple places, depending on what baggage you're either prepared or accidentally bring to it. Yes it has that much impact, most of it personal meaning.

Oh and this will be rambly, I just want to get it all out, let it loose. I'll be talking about both the album and the film too, they're the same but different. And where I think they converge the most is here, when the tigers broke free.

(both parts joined here)

this would later be added to the next (and last*) Pink Floyd album, The Final Cut. Where it kills the whole flow of an amazing album - but that's a story for another day.

The album doesn't need the above track, the the storyline of the album sort of does, especially more now as the album is hailed more for it's anti-war (and the damage it leaves behind at home) message, rather than the mental health angle. This album is about depression as much as it is about war.

The scary thing about this album (and a part hat I only recently worked out) is that it is a perfect circle of recording. If you happen to have repeat turned on, and make it to 'Outside the Wall', the album loops seemlessly to the intro in In the Flesh?. The loop then somewhat represents life, a connected cirlce. And if you escape the wall, there is no guarantee the cycle wont start again.

I haven't given the film a rewatch for Album Club but I think I will over the next week or so. I'm due a watch for one, and there's always something new that grabs me everytime I watch it. It is also worth a watch simply for the Gerald Scarfe animation sequences. And not just the iconic 'Goodbye Blue Sky', all of his sequences through the film.

The other reason (so this is on top of tigers and the animations...) the alternate versions of Mother, Empty Spaces, Bring the Boys Back Home (I'm sure others too, they'll come to mind when I watch again.. but the mentioned three are worth it as is).

(empty spaces)


(bring the boys back home)

Will put some cohesive thoughts on the actual album down again by the end of the week, i start to write what it is i'm trying to say, but keeps coming out as ksjfwshfkwsj

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I appreciate this album so much more as a sufferer of mental health issues, I think I can connect to it in a way few people can. It still brings me to tears at points.
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I'll read this when I finally get to this album. Serious business, this music club.
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