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extended response to 'the wall'

Posted by indevelopment , 11 March 2012 · 1,268 views
music, album club
Posting here so I don't derail the thread with a long rambly post, just wanted to get more out of the system about this album. Because as an investment in time, this is something that keeps on giving.

Spoiler warning though, if you don't want to be exposed to my particular take on the wall, stop reading. Like a great work of literature, or film,...


make something

Posted by indevelopment , 09 March 2012 · 614 views
crafts, arts, friends
Once upon a time I had a lot more enthusiasm for making my own thing. Be it a web project, something in print, helping out someone with their projects. I can't draw for shiz but i can desktop publish like a boss and have an appreciation for type setting.

I got busy/older/lazy whatever. Life got in the way and I kind of forgot about making stuff. Just...


Building Blaziken - my new PC

Posted by indevelopment , 20 November 2011 · 617 views

About 2 years ago, my computer died all of a sudden, without warning, so the next day i bought a cheap collection of bits and a windows7 ultimate license, and for two years i had a pretty OK 2gb desktop for web surfing and chat. iTunes was a cow though, I wouldn't have considered any game on it. But, with little specs it probably showed me more than...


The catchup blog Part 1 - 3DSing

Posted by indevelopment , 25 May 2011 · 939 views

I've felt like I've literally lost a day or two somewhere in the past 8 weeks because for that whole time I just have had this 'crap I've forgotten to do x" chain reaction that keeps pushing me away from I want to be doing at the moment. Damn you, IRL.

So where have the last 8 weeks gone in the time I have been able to find......


This is clock rockets!

Posted by indevelopment , 24 February 2011 · 820 views

I'm going to steal a riff from EN tonight and branch out (because I've been good at sticking to incorporating videogames in my blogs) and write a quick one about punk.

Not a history.
Not a review.
Not a classic.
But just punk. And what I want to do.

I want a punk rock band.

I can't play. I can't sing. But I have a concept. Fast. Two...

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