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Fantasy Life - First Impressions

Posted by Obscurus , 30 September 2014 · 4,260 views

"Why no Fantasy Life review Vooks" - Me, two days ago, before starting Fantasy Life. I've since sunk 15 hours into the game, and my partner more. Together, we've barely scratched the surface.

An action RPG that I would describe as if Animal Crossing and Oblivion had a love child. But its so much more then that. While my first instincts when I picked this up was - of course - to pick the big beefy job, or 'Life'. I treated the game like I would a typical rpg. Tash, my parter, played the game much differently for her first few hours. She loves games like Recettear, Don't Starve and a plethora of economy minigame mobile phone games. Tash's first few hours she spent as a Blacksmith, making Dosh (the actual in game currency) and leveling up what she could build. 

Together we've put in some serious time over this weekend, and have fallen pretty hard into the open world trap of ignoring the story to do everything else. I've focused Life as a Mercenary, Lumberjack and Carpenter and she Blacksmith, Miner, Paladin and Tailor (in that order). Everything you see in the world can be crafted, bought or looted. Every Life needs the aid of another; as a Carpenter I need silk from the tailor for furniture, a combat class to get me loot drops, miners for crystals and gems. Everything is needed for everything else. I think the idea is in the end, you have a little of each class, but its much more fun right now to focus on a few that seem to work well together. Especially in multilayer. Tash can make me armour and weapons, while I can make her the parts for the weapons, and furniture for her house. Also, I lay the hurt down when we're co-op.

Fantastic game, can't wait to play more.

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my local had run out of stock. So I'm hoping to pick this game up when it's available.

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I'm 120 hours in, completed the story and the DLC's story too - still addicted!

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Mar 15 2017 03:50 PM

my daughter finished this game!

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