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Wally; D&D 8 fluff

Posted by Obscurus , 11 November 2013 · 1,844 views

I did the filler between sessions last week, and I wrote it loosely in first person. It didn't take super long, and it isnt very good, or edited, but they seemed to appreciate it (thank god, hah). So here it is. 
Thank Kord we were away from the Silver Unicorn. Against my better judgement, I lied to the guard of Theradorn. I can only hope that it was truly for the greater good, and not a dark mark on my honour forever.

We agreed to continue our original path, to the temple of Pelor. I’ve fought along many who worship him, and sung his praises of light. I only hoped the priests of Pelor were half the men that the warriors were.

The Temple of Pelor was simple, but lavish. Gold and marble, standard church fare. Men and woman were cued out the door and down the street. I decided to cue; I am no better than the common man. However, the rest went up ahead. We had illness in our party, and needed a cure for Blackwood and Farrin more than these people needed their blessing. After a short time, I was called in, and was ushered through the great hall of Pelor and into a back room with the rest.

We entered the room to find it was filled with men hunched over the dead. As a reflex, Blackwood and I reached for our weapons. Karleth stopped us, informing us that it was merely the traditional Pelor method of preserving the dead, and preparing them for burial. The woman, Archbishop Eilella, introduced us to man who knew of the Undead Rot, and how to cure it. He quietly made it, only stopping briefly to eye off Blackwood - many who worship Pelor abhor any unfortunate enough to be undead.

Favour was on Farrin’s side, and the potion brewed took away the Undead Rot. Unfortunately, it only made it less severe for Blackwood, perhaps it is more effective on the technically living. Farrin offered gold, and I chose to half it with him Our favour dried quickly, we left the back room to find a great commotion in the hall of Pelor. A small group of soldiers emerged from the crowd, led by Elwood Arroway. “Wallace, Blackwood, Karleth and Farrin. I am placing you under arrest! You will surrender your weapons and go in chains to an immediate trial, where you will face your charges.”

“On what charges!?” Blackwood and I yelled, the acoustics of the hall making our voices below and echo.
A bead ran down Arroways forehead, “It will all be explained. You will come with us now, chained and unarmed!”

I turned to the party, faces of shock and anger. “I will NOT leave in chains. They will not have a sword of Ironstorm” I spat.
“Look, mate, Wally” Blackwood started “There is nothing they can do to us. Lets just go, and get it over with. And if we have to, we’ll just lie!” his words signed with a wink.

Everyone agreed with Blackwood, and I hoped they knew what they were doing. Blackwood organized to have us only disarmed, and to walk there without the public shame of chains. I was very thankful, but uncomfortable about leaving my weapon with another. As I gave it to the man, I let my fingers glide over the hilt of the sword, where the Ironstorm crest lay.

We arrived back at Michaelhays keep only hours after celebrating here. How quickly a town and its people can turn against whom they called heroes. A small crowd had followed us, the curious, the judgemental. When we stopped, we were in a courtyard we had not previously seen. It was barren except for a small fenced area and a benched area in front of it. This was clearly the courtroom. Once in the small fenced area, the bench started to fill up. Michaelhay’s clerk, the man we attacked, the man I lied to and… I didn’t recognize the last man. However, Blackwood seemed to, and looked at him with utter disgust, “Fucking Songsteal” he whispered.

Arroway stood and addressed us, the bench and the crowd “You are charged with with following: First, the battery of a Guard of Theradawn, second, the robbery and defilement of a corpse, third, the impression of a Guard of Theradawn and finally, lying to the Lord Warden”.

Any respect I had for Arroway had disappeared with the smug look he gave us before he asked “How do you plead?”

We turned to each other, frustrated. As always, Blackwood was the first to speak, “They can’t prove any of this, and I don’t even know what that last thing is even about! Lets just lie and get out of here”

Everyone agreed but me, “No. I will not lie to Michaelhay. He is a man of honour. There must be a better way”
“What if we asked for a private audience?” Karleth said “Then we could tell him of the true danger, without starting a panic”
Farrin agreed, adding “But we mention nothing of the Elf, yes? True to our word”
We all agreed, even after Blackwood rolled his eyes. It was okay though, he would be the one doing the talking: Blackwood has a way with words, he fights with them and he loves with them. Now they will be defending us.

“Good Lord Macklemore” he began, “We request a private audience. Some of the details of what we have done have been for the greater good of Theradawn, and we are would not want to cause a panic”.

The clerk rifled through a small legal time, but his advice was unneeded. Michaelhay said “No, anything you say to me, you can say to the people of Theradawn”.

Our whole plan was in ruins. Arroway repeated “HOW do you plead?”

Blackwood started in a whisper “I’m going to put the fear in these people”, then he smiled, and boomed “People of Theradawn!
“I, Guilderos Blackwood, bring you grave and dangerous news. Your town of Theradawn is under attack! A great and evil Lich seeks to destroy you, and everyone you hold dear! We have destroyed him once, however, we feel he may rise once more, with a vengeance! We merely seek the means to stop him forever, and ask to be let go immediately, to stop him at once! Everything done for the greater good! This must happen soon, or- “
Arroway interrupted “Silence, we demand how you plead to the charges! How do you plead to the charge of battery!”

I yelled angrily “Did you not hear, everything that was done was done for the greater good! There is none at fault here, but for a corrupt guard! We-”
“No one cares! How do you plead?”
“Guity, but it was for-”
“Thankyou. Now for the next charge, robbery and defilement of a corpse of Theradawn?”
I was angry, but bureaucracy was never a strong suit. Blackwood gave me a look, and took over. “Guity” he said “We plead guilty to all. However, we would never lie to the Lord Warden. We know nothing of this charge”

Michaelhay stood, his eyes red as if upset “You told me you had cleared the mines, you told me it was safe for people to work down there. I have sent a handful of guards in since this morning, none have returned. You have lied to me, and to the people!”

“We cleared the mine! Nothing survived!”
“You lie again!”
Arroway look satisfied “For your crimes, you will be charged a total of 5000 in gold, and you will go back into the dungeon, and not see the light of day until it is empty!”

We parted with the money, dividing the fine equally. Guards escorted us back to the mine. On the way we passed the Nentier Inn. Jolly sounds filled the air as we walked passed. Blackwood asked the guard if he could hear the laughter, and he could. Blackwood’s face changed, a weird expression of crazy and determined, muttering that he knows something is happening there. Getting back into the mine was easy enough, we climbed down, avoiding broken steps and we arrived at the door. Karleth asked the guards if they would be joining us, but they declined.

The room was familiar, or at least I thought it was. Karleth pointed out a trap that did not seem to be there before. Blackwood lent down confidently to disarm it, and it sprayed in his face. He repeated this twice more before he broke it, saying only “Like I give a fuck”. The deeper we went down the same stairs as before, the more that changed. I only noticed small things, but I could tell by Karleths face, there was something very, very wrong. We arrived at the bottom expecting a simple fortified room, the sound of rushing waters. But no, it was a dank room, covered in webs and wooden platforms.

Karleth pointed to a centre pillar, a humanoid creature stood there. As a group, we decided we have had little luck with negotiating, so as a party we did the one thing we knew he did well. Charged it. We got close enough that Karleth overheard them talking, they knew we were here. I took the lead and edged close enough so that I could jump the gap separating the wooden platform I was on, to his. I went for a running start and immediately the old wood broke away from under me. I fell for the second time in this room, hitting a dense web holding everything up. It was stable, and I got up and pushed forward. It was clear we were found out, and it was on.

Farrin yelled at us that it was an arachnomancer, a drow, and by its chants he knew it was a worshiper of Lollith. She also had two friends with her, drow, and spider minions. I charged closer while Karleth took aim. Blackwood took a poison arrow, screaming about all the ‘fucks he doesn’t give’. Farrin blinded the drow who shot Blackwood, but it did not stop him from making another clean shot at him. I darted across the field to notice a huge void, it covered a huge gaping spiders mouth. The webs shifted from under me, and I was dragged into it, only pulling myself free to be dragged back a second time. The father Farrin did his duty well and restored my health many times, and Blackwood’s words inspired strength in me I didn’t know I had. I pulled free to charge a drow, but when I climbed up to attack him he was already peppered with Karleths arrows. He went down before I even laid hands on him. At least I got to be front row as glowing chains burst from the heavens and turned the arachnomancer to dust. The last drow tried to flee, but Blackwood jumped to catch up with him, and took him out. We quickly moved on.

I wonder what else has changed.


So yeah, not super great and probably full of errors, but fuck it. I need to learn how to put words out.

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