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Posted by Obscurus , 26 October 2013 · 4,097 views

Part of the reason I've decided to create this blog now is because I DID create some things recently.
A good mate of mine has got me back in to Dungeons and Dragons, which has allowed me to do one of my favourite things: create a character. My first character wiped pretty hard, RIP Fikk the Lightning Wizard Gnome, but now that Ian is DM, I got to make my new character:
Wallace "Wally" Ironstorm, the Dragonborn Knight, now a Dreadknight.
Of course, what is a character without their fluff? When I wrote his bio, it quickly went over a few pages. I saw how everyone else had written theirs, and I changed it into first person as theirs were. Its a big janky, but its also unedited.

"The name I was given when I was found is Wallace. The man who found me was Merrick Ironstorm, High General of a kingdom far from here. Call me Wally.
I was born and found in a battlefield. Ironstorm found me, and in what must have been the mercy of Kord, took me in.

Personally raised and trained by the High General Ironstorm, I became strong and fearless and I learned the honour of battle. I became his first son, something he openly spoke of; something many of the other higher ranked men hated. When my dragonbreath came through, later than most dragonborn, High General Ironborn declared me as a gift from god. He said my lightning breath was a reward to him from Kord. Many claimed he loved me more than his own born children.

I joined the army as soon as I could, and proved my worth. I volunteered for the vanguard; the front lines. No high-born humans here, only low borns and non humans. It was only now I learnt my mother-language. More importantly, I learnt of the cowardice of the high-born weapons, of magic and bows.

After many victories at war, many I’m told unwinnable if not for me, I returned home. A hero to the vanguard, and a legend to the army. High General Ironstorm proudly organized for my knighthood, a controversial move, which made him very unpopular amongst the high and powerful. On the night of the ceremony, an attempt was made on his life, leaving him weak. Under my “persuasion”, the assassin gave me six names. Six Commanders, six trained in the coward arts of combat paid him to murder my father.

While I hunt them down, I help who I can, the weak and exploited. I grow alliances and destroy cowards.

They fled, and fled far. They are scared.

They should be."

Since then my imagination has been stuck with the character, and he is very fun to role play. Since then created I have filled in a thick history for himself, his adoptive father and his killers. One that I really enjoy writing and wasting time on. I don't think in any way that it is worth reading, even for the DM to use. It lets me get in to my own characters mind, so its not all wasted. However, through Wally, I can world build for a campaign, which I have been before I even started playing recently.

Through Wally I've also learnt that the DnD Dragonborn race is very hard and weird to draw, or at least for me. 

I find creating characters one of the best parts of scribbling. On paper or digitally, its something I always look for in games. Whenever I play an RPG/ MMO, I'll always make my characters with subtle RP in mind. The City of Heros franchise was great for this, an outlet for making some silly and fun superheros and villains; like the Freedom Phallus, porn star by day, sword wielding super-hero by night; and the Sexual Predator, a milf-y woman who uses her army of strong boys to do her bidding. Even when I played Skyrim I tried to keep in character as much as I could, even though it barely let me.
While none of that really helps the process, it helps the head keep ticking. Even when its shit (which it often is), I'll bank it and try to make it less so.

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