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Razer Onza TE - Initial Thoughts

Posted by Ninja Catfish , 10 May 2012 · 710 views

Razer Onza Xbox 360 Windows
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I picked up a Razer Onza TE today while EB had them for 30% off. I’ve played around with it for an hour or two, and these are the things that stand out to me about the controller.

The rubberised surface essentially makes the entire pad feel like one of many Razer mice that have a similar rubberised coating. Didn’t find the controller getting slippery, at least in the time I played so that’s a good thing.

The ‘Hyper-Response’ buttons definitely feel different to your stock Xbox 360 controller. Rather than the rather mushy feel of the 360 pad’s face buttons, the A, B, X and Y buttons on this pad feel more like clicking a mouse than pressing a console controller button. (seems there’s a few mouse-inspired elements to the controller now I think about it). The only other controller I can think of that has a similar feel is the GameBoy Advance SP, which had buttons with a similarly clicky feel to them.

It has analog sticks with adjustable resistance. There’s a little knob under the thumb bit of each thumb stick that can be used to adjust resistance. There is a noticeable difference going from one extreme to another, but I don’t think it would have any practical use for me at least. I find myself putting it at full tension all the time. When it’s at it’s loosest setting it’s a bit harder to be precise with direction and how far you’re moving the stick.

The d-pad I can see being fantastic for shooters that use it for weapon changing, or for special abilities and whatnot. It’s near impossible to hit a direction you didn’t intend to because each direction is a different button altogether and so you won’t find your finger kinda moving to a different direction than that you intended. Downside to this though is that it’s quite hard to use the d-pad for movement where being able to slide your thumb from right to up/down is needed. It really seems designed for Up, Down, Left, Right and nothing else.

It’s got programmable shoulder buttons, in front of the RB and LB buttons. These can be mapped to replicate a press of any button on the controller. I imagine one could use it to remap reload to one of the shoulder programmable buttons, so you could reload without having to take your finger off the right stick to press X like you would normally. It is a bit weird to have the area where LB and RB normally are, split up into 2 buttons. Takes a bit of getting used to but it’s not awful.

Seems the shoulder triggers have been changed so that they need to be moved a shorter distance to fully actuate, which I guess could mean a millisecond or 2 faster firing. It’s got a bit of a lip too to ensure your finger stays where it should be.

It’s recognised as an Xbox 360 controller by Windows as well, no drivers or anything needed so that’s nice.

OH! And something very important. The face buttons are backlit.

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Like most of the extra features this controller has, excessive and pretty unnecessary, but cool nonetheless.

So yeah, that’s what I think after my first evening with the Onza TE.

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I've been meaning to comment this :/

nicely put initial thoughts. sounds like a decent controller. too bad the d-pad won't help in old school fighting games like Street Fighter. nothing more frustrating than not attempting a clean hadouken. XD
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