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Royal Crown Revue - Mugzy's Move

Posted by popolopolous , 09 November 2011 · 1,141 views

Hey hey hey, first album club album. I've decided I'm going to do my reviews based on a first listen, and maybe do a restrospective if I continue listening to the album or whatever - just so every album gets a fair go, as there'll be some I'll most likely never listen to again. But yeah, this here I shall use for my lengthy rambling as opposed to the quick discussions in the main thread.

So, Royal Crown Revue. I've never delved far into jazz: Saturday night jazz on ABC Classical FM, The Cat Empire, Fallout and some school ensemble pieces basically sum up the extent of what I've heard. Immediately throwing on the first track I was pretty impressed though. Lots of horns, some double bass, lots of punch. It's really high-energy stuff, and doesn't slow down too much through the 50 minutes it runs for. So I'm hanging around, cleaning, dancing a bit, enjoying it, and then I hit track 6 - Beyond The Sea. Woah. It's a cover, but it's a damned sweet cover and I love the song. That's around the point where I began getting really impressed. Skittering horns on Park Place. The jumping-around circus vibe of Rise and Fall of Great Mondello. The lyrics are pretty well-penned too: another favourite 'Walkin' Blues' has the hilarious verse

'Well I met this chick
She wanted to steal my bucks
She thought I was loaded
Man she needed them bucks
But one peek in my wallet
All she wants to do is

Walk right in, she walks right out.'

It's not perfect though. Maybe it's just a lack of experience with the genre, but there were one or two songs with horn blasts ('DAH DAH DAH' etc) that had entire sections made up of the things, which got a little broken-record-sounding/grating. Also probably a lack of experience, but there isn't a heap of variation with the album, and the casual listen began to drag a bit near the end (closer Barflies At The Beach is great though).

So yeah. Pretty decent first album. Look forward to the next one.

Rating: 'this is going on my ipod'/10

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