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Money Rich, Time Poor: The Case of the Backlog

Posted by Darth Robbo , in Musings 28 March 2012 · 2,533 views

More and more lately, I find myself (and others around me) with little time to indulge in the things I buy for myself. Material goods, as it were. I spend hundreds of dollars a month on things like video games, hardware, books and other little things, but barely get around to using them.

Now don't take this for a whinge post. I'm not posting this...


Quality and quantity; two sides of the same coin

Posted by Darth Robbo , in Musings 27 April 2011 · 865 views

Where do I even start here?

Firstly, I'll just jump into the role of GRAND OVERLORD OF HUMANITY and say that these days, gamers are stupid, pretentious dicks.

That's right, reader! You are an overweight, probably uneducated beardneck who knows as much about interactive electronic media as you do quantum mechanics. But never mind, I don't...


Here's where I tell you about my new blog.

Posted by Darth Robbo , 26 April 2011 · 552 views

So yeah. I'm coming out of the shell again and making a fresh start on INTERNET JOURNALISM.

But where does anyone start when they need to re-invigorate an old lifestyle? It's all good saying 'at the beginning', but we all know time is relative.

I've always enjoyed writing in all its forms. Creative writing, I feel, was my weak...


Kids do the darndest things

Posted by Darth Robbo , in Personal 04 January 2011 · 474 views

First off I just want to say I find the idea of my own personal blog a very exciting one. On that note, I am very disappointed in myself for not updating as often as I should like. But I digress.

Over the years, we accumulate clutter and mementos from different periods in our life. Some such clutter obviously is kept around from your childhood and I just...


Half-Minute Hero

Posted by Darth Robbo , in The vidya 17 April 2010 · 423 views

Posted Image

Look at that. Don't lie to me. One look at that box and you're already excited.

I found this at Big W today and got it for $27.40 with my discount. Everyone who owns a PSP should go and buy this right now because it is awesome. I didn't even know of the game when I saw...


Casual vs. hardcore; what's the diff?

Posted by Darth Robbo , in Musings 23 February 2010 · 407 views

A question that has continued to gain popularity amongst the gaming journalists and now even many gamers themselves, is what the difference is between a casual game and a hardcore one, and why it should matter if you enjoy one or the other.

You know, I might start off with something that everyone says. Back in the day, you didn't have the internet to...

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