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Posted by buddytheferret , 06 March 2011 · 609 views

I'm starting this topic because I love animal crossing(and pokemon,but we're not talking about that).I just got my wi fi thingy to work,so I would
like some friends to hang out with.Alright,straight to the point.I have created a hotel(as you might see in some other topics)called Hotel La Mansiona.Fancy,right.Sounds girly,welllll,It's not all that girly.Anyone who has ever gone to a Japanese onsen will see this theme loud and clear.On the first floor we have the Lobby,Two rooms,and a Reading nook.Then on the second floor,We have it split up.We have the onsen on one side,and on the other we have a Lounge.When I pay off the rest of my loan and get another room,One side there will be a bathroom,and the other side are more rooms.And when I finally have all the rooms,There will be one big theater,one big loungone big onsen and of course the lobby and first floor rooms,and more rooms.

Things to do:
While staying in my town,you may look at it and say:"Wow,I'm going to get bored really fast here."But not so!Me and my friend once played tag,seekings,And much more!All these thing plus the basic fishing,bug catching,collecting,etc...

Free Tours:

I also run a second business for my customers.I give tours of my town!But although you can get a free tour with your stay at Hotel La Mansiona You can pay an extra 100 bells and get a free shopping spree,free coffee,free fruit picking,and anything expensive you want to see,do, or buy I will pay for it.The Basic Tour takes you around town,but not into orchards,shops and other things.

Whole Week Passes:

I also do Whole Week Passes,or WWPs. These cost about 500 bells.And if you buy one you get a free tour(not the Basic Tour,The Exclusive 100 bell tour)Plus any one item from Nook's Shop.WWPs Provide a full week of fun,because all expenses are paid by me!

Hotel Events

Hotel Events(or HE) happen on certain days,times etc.For instance, on Sunday I provide Coffee and Cookies(C.C.,the event is called)from 2:00 to 3:00p.m.On Saturdays I give A tour from 2:00 to 4:00 and then from 8:30 to 10:00 I take guests to The Roost for coffee and free music.

Fruit Picking

Everyday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00p.m. to pick cherries in the orchard.I also have a few coconut trees wich I take people to as well.

Gift Shop

Yes,I even have a gift shop.Buy patterns,furniture,wallpaper,flooring,anything you want to make you or your home look like Hotel La Mansiona!


How do you get a pet?There are to types:bugs and fish.You got it. I will personally take you fishing or bug catching so you can take home your very own pet!Some preccaught are in the gift shop.


Thanks to Ayumi for making me want the English version of the game.
Thanks to my Mom,for buying the game for me.
Thanks to Nintendo for making the game.
Thanks to My friends,for sparking the idea in for a hotel.
And Thanks to YOU!For reading this and coming to Hotel La Mansiona.

Friend code

My friend code:300959188957.

Keep Playing!;)

How To Make Your Own Hotel

Alright so let's say you just came to my town and you got an idea for a hotel of your own.So you told me that you had to go to your town.I said ok,let's meet at 3/9/11 at 2:00p.m. I came to your town this time and you said "I have a big house and want to make a hotel to,but how do I do that?"Now here is my reply.

Getting started

So we'll say your new to AC:WW.You came to my town,stayed at my hotel,loved it,realized the money I was earning,and wanted to start your own business.

What kind of business(s)

You could

A)Have a hotel
B)Sell and buy turnips
C)Sell and buy clothes
D)Sell and buy furniture
E)Sell fruit
F)Give tours
Based on this mini guide I have added to this topic we will be going with choice A.After picking an option go to the next step.

Loan Troubles

So,you still have the tiniest house in town.And although you could have paid your loan off first thing you had already heard of me and my hotel,and that spots were slim.You were lucky to get a room,because there was about to be the big holiday rush.You came back to your town,feeling refreshed.But just when your house came into view you remembered how you didn't pay your loan off.And adding to the misery of your tiny house,while you were staying a week in my hotel some roaches decide to move in.After squashing them all you decided to put on your dirtiest clothes and find a way to upgrade your house.I had snuck a couple thousand bells in you pocket to get you started.After finishing you tasks for Good Ole' Nook,you spent a couple bells on a chair.You were laying in bed reading your favorite book when an idea struck!You sold all the fruit you could muster,and finally paid the first loan off.

Story Line

You finally got your second floor.

Designing and Themes

Finally!But oh no,you were so busy paying your loans off you forgot your idea and theme!
Step One:Brainstorming (These steps are part of Designing and Themes)
Take a look at my hotel.You see how I made room your screens.You decide to do something like that too.
Step Two:Themes One of the most important things of running a hotel is the theme.My theme is easy to see:Asian.
Step Three:Buying Basically just buying the things you need.
Step Four:Setting Up Just setting up your stuff.
Step Five:Pricing Pricing is very important.If your selling WWPs for 1 billion bells and a one day room for 1 million bells not included extra services like fruit picking,tours and coffee Sundays.Now if you priced one day basic rooms(basic rooms are basically a bed and chair,exclusive rooms have a table, chair, bed,lamp,etc)for 1 bell and you advertised online you would be rich.But if you BR(basic room)for 500 and ES(exclusive suite)
for 1,000(not including extra services like room service,laundry,tours,etc.One thing.Pick your own price and acosionally give a free night.
That's basically it for this section.

Extra Services

I've been talking about extra services(or ES2)so I'm pretty sure you want to know what they are.ES2s are services that need to be seperatly paid for.Example:Your customer asks you for room service.You give your customer food and that customer has an extra fee to pay for.You can make ES2s as expensive or as cheap as you like.

Free Stuff

Free Stuff(or FS)are items or things your customer doesn't have to pay for.Such as a basic tour.I run these daily,but you don't have to and your customers don't have to go.Now,if your customer wanted an Exclusive Tour(ET) They would have to pay a small fee for it.You may want to charge a small "fee"for fruit.The price is judged on how many fruits there are in your town and what they sell for.Example:I have cherries,apples,coconuts,peaches...I think that's it.Cherries are my native fruit,so I would sell them for 50 bells apiece.But all other fruits are foreign,so I would sell them for 500 to 600 apiece.I don't charge bells for fruit,except maybe the foreign fruit,but not likely.

Buying and Selling

You may have a friend over to stay at your hotel shortly after you advertise it.he or she might want to buy something from your shop or just buy fruit if your selling.The problem is,what about the price?If you were prepared for people wanting to buy stuff,skip this section.Alright,you don't want to lose your customer,but he or she is threatening to do that and not pay for the services or room.S/he wants to buy the item for 100 bells,but you want to sell for 1000 bells.play a game or something and you can either say that if you win you get to keep it for free or buy it at your price and vice versa.

You have set up your business!;):P :o :)

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Mar 06 2011 02:44 PM
Dude, I can't work out if you're a spambot or not. You'll find most of the AC'ers are on Let's Go To The City (city folk)... You'll find lots of us are happy to talk AC, let's maybe say hi a bit first and not spam the forums >.<
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